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  1. Is there any chance that you can send me or post here the newest Dell vBios for 6970M ? Mine is from December 2010 so almost 2 years old and I can not find any newer vBios. Or maybe this is the latest ?
  2. Yeah, this guy just overclocked the vBios to show 715MHz instead of 680MHz so when I checked first everything looked all right - 1120 shaders and 715MHz core. Do you think that 6970M ES with unlocked 1120 shaders and 715MHz core is the same performance as 6990M ? I will download a 3D Mark 11 later to find out the performance. EDIT: 3D Mark 11 showed P3324 score and 3168 score for GPU. P score is low, beacause I have got weak CPU which is 740QM. So I think that 6970M ES is quite close to 6990M. What do you think ?
  3. Now I tried version with checksum 0x8EAA and it do not work either. And you might be right. They do work, but they do not work on MSI. But there is something strange. I know, that Dell cards works on MSI GX660. I know that Clevo cards works on MSI ( I own one ). But Clevo cards with Dell vBios do not work on MSI. This is quite strange. EDIT: OK. Now it seems that I was cheated. Guy sold me 6970M ES with 1120 shaders instead of 6990M. I've flashed the card with 6970M vBios and it works.
  4. If somebody will try to find this information in the future : I've tried three different Dell vBios and they do not work on Clevo 6990M card. I tried one with the checksum 0xC1A6 , 0xEA88 and 0xD0F2 and they do not work - black screen. But on MSI GX660 you can do a blind flash, so you can always revert to your old vBios, of course if you saved it first.
  5. I have got this vBIOS, can you tell me if this one is OK ? Blackcomb.zip
  6. Do you know a reliable place where I can download them ? Does it matter if the vBios is from Alienware or from other notebook from Dell ?
  7. Hello. I am new here. I need some help from you. I have got a MSI GX660 notebook. It came originally with AMD 5870M. Recently I bought AMD 6990M and install it. I bought a Clevo 6990M card. Everything work OK except one little thing which I knew before I bought this card. When you use a Clevo 6990M card in MSI GX660 there will be no sound over HDMI. The solution is to flash the Clevo card with Dell 6990M vBios. Now is the problem. I do not know which vBios from Dell will work on Clevo card. There are couple of them and I do not want to flash my card with wrong vBios. Can anyone help me, please ?
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