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  1. So i have been in quite the long drawn out situation with alienware support. Let me first say, no matter what issues i've been having AW support has been very curtious, friendly and helpful. I know it always sucks having to deal with these situations (sending in for repair, having to go thru replacement units) but i have no complaints with the Staff. So i'll try to make this short, after getting my original unit sent off and fixed several times, but not actually fixing the problems they sent me a sightly better replacement unit. Awesome, except the replacement unit has a couple issues of it's own. (dead pixels, sqeaky palm rest, bad battery) I tried to get a new unit sent. Probably not going to happen. So i was told with the issues im having with the refurbished replacement. I should just get another "replacement for the replacement" when talking with the replacement specialist, I asked if getting a AW 18 with the dual 980m's was a possibility. They didn't say no, but we were waiting to see what happened with the new replacement request. so my question is. Which do you guys think is better? Trying to get a properly working replacement of what i currently have? (2016-17R3-980m 8gb-6820hk cpu 4.1ghz-256gb M.2 sata-7200rpm 1TB HD-4K ips screen) or trying to get a refurbished (AW 18-Dual 980m sli-4940MX cpu 4.4ghz-512 mSata ssd-7200rpm 1TB HD-1080 wled truelife display) Am i taking to far of a step backwards thinking about requesting the AW 18? Should i just stick with the 17R3 approach? Only reason i ask is it seems the AW 18 is just a more solid build, plus sli gpu's. Is there a major difference in the two cpu's? i know the msata is much slower then a M.2 sata, but not sure if i would really notice the 2 second difference boot time.. Thoughts anyone???
  2. They did not send a new one, it was refurbished. But what they did do for the amount of troubles i had with the computer, is pretty much give me the most upgraded version of the computer i had replaced. Went from a 17 r3 with spec : locked i7 intel 6700HQ -(to)- unlocked i7 intel 6820hk overclocked to 4.1 970m 3 gb -(to)- 980m 8 gb 1920x1080 FHD -(to)- 4k UHD screen the memory, ssd and harddrive stayed the same 16 gb 2133 ddr4 ram, 256gb pcie ssd and 1tb 7200rpm harddrive (i know there is a better processor, but did'nt want to deal with the extra heat, and i can upgrade to 32gb ram, but that's the only two things that were not maxxed out.) luckly the new one came without a scratch on it, as im pretty particular with my rigs, that was a big plus. Not as big as the 8gb 980 though!!!! Overall i don't see why people complain so much about alienware support staff. Thru-out the issues i had, screen replaced 3 times do to a bad bezel pushing on the screen to much causing bleed thru, to the audio wine that became present after the last screen change. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with the staff. All have been friendly and super helpful. Guess it just pays to keep you cool and play the nice guy. I just got the refurbished replacement last night and did'nt get to do much but cut it on and poke at it a little, but all seems to be running great and performing as it should. The 980 even lets me play some game titles on ultra in 4k (diablo 3) (starcraft 2) type games. Other games like Doom, killing floor 2, i was able to play in 2k on ultra, and other stuff like fallout 4 maxxed out on 1080. Very pleased with the processor/gpu combo. will give a better review of the screen later, i did have some blurry, scaling issues with the 4k screen but did'nt have time to play with the settings last night. i want to do a fresh clean reinstall of windows myself. Does anyone know if i can use the same factory image install for the new refurbished, that i used on the original computer they replaced? it's the same model, year, make as the first one, just a few different components. its the operating system image from the drivers page on dell site. I made the usb install drive for the first computer they replaced. I should be able to use the same one for the refurbished right? cant access the service tag on the new refurbished they sent me yet, as i have to wait for them to transfer the service tags and warranty. So the new service tag won't let me download the recovery/install image yet...
  3. Not to long ago got a new 17 r3. I have had a few problems with computer although im pretty satisfied with how it has performed for me. So long story short they approved me for a replacement unit. In doing so they advised me there would be a 60/40 chance (60% being refurbished) that i would get a refurbished unit due to how long i've had the computer. Im rather particular with my stuff, no scratches, marks, or dings and told them i was rather uneasy about accepting a unit someone else may have possible scratched up as dell doesn't cover cosmetic blemishes. Told them if perhaps the replacement unit had a gpu upgrade i would be more inclined to accept a refurbished unit. So after waiting a few days for them to send their replacement configuration suggestions i get an email that list off a replacement unit with pretty much everything upgraded, cpu, gpu, screen. Asking if i agree to the specs of the replacement unit. No statement or info on it about it being a refurbished or new unit. I agree to the setup and get a follow up email saying they will inform me of any further information/ tracking numbers etc. on the system. I then get an additional order confirmation email from dell with dell purchase ID. This email list off every part of the computer like an order but with $0 as the price of everything. Base, screen, gpu, cpu, keyboard, battery, wi-fi, etc. So my question is: Does this mean that they are ordering all new parts to make a new laptop with the stated specs in the email. Or do they list off everypart just like this for a refurbished unit they are going to send me as well? So am i getting a refurbished or new build as a replacement?
  4. Is there an unlocked vBios for the 6990m?
  5. If anyone can give me a good picture or link to how the thermal pads should be layed out on the 6990m? I think the cards look exactly the same from what i can tell, and if they use the same heatsink, x-bracket i would assume it's the same as the 6970m for the pad layout???
  6. also can i use the old x bracket from the back of the 6970m for the 6990m?
  7. Was wondering if the 3 pipe heatsink i have for my 6970m that died, would work on a 6990m if i upgraded? trying to figure out so i can order. Speedy responses are much appreciated
  8. So can anyone share or link me to what people are using for stable overclocks, overvolts, or undervolts? Cant seem to find any actual numbers listed anywhere. Just trying to get an outline of whats doable
  9. Yep, copy both files. Please follow instructions above...disabling DSE & deleting the proper folders. Thanks, havn't tried it yet, but originally (on my first attemp) i did everything right, just did'nt delete the un-needed folders. Did'nt scroll up enough to see that part. Thanks for all your help so far. Everything seems to be running great! Sound, and all ports working correctly HDMI and all. gpu runs great, flashed to the unlocked vbios no problem. put a small overclock on it +100/+185 and hav'nt seen temps go over 70. On average when playing (mostly Doom since the install) temps sit around 62-66 under load. Look forward to giving these new drivers a try as they state to have a few fixes in it for Doom. So these where just released 365.19 WHQL on 5-13-2016 so same procedure right, just use these drivers/replace two files/Delete unwanted files
  10. This is before and after bios flash slv's from this site no changes only vbios is different. I did'nt expect to see to much or any from simply flashing to an unlocked bios and not changing anything. But still looks like it changes the behavior for the better. So what are people setting these things to with their overclock settings? I know nothing about this card and just kinda been messing around with it. +100/+185 makes a nice stable improvement for me over the stock clocks. Hav'nt messed with any voltages know to little. Don't know what people have been tweeking that to or anything. I see alot about people undervolting these.
  11. just flashed my vbios and all went well... will show a benchmark difference soon
  12. Now i just got to read up on flashing to the unlocked vbios. Not that im really gonna do heavy overclocking or anything. But hell since i have a custom install with a unlocked bios, and a card that's not suppose to be in my R3. I might as well have an unlocked card also......... Everything seems to be running Great so far. Spent all night playing the new Doom release. It doesn't disappoint! small temp report: highest temp I saw on benchmark and playing doom was 65 degrees stock and 69-70 degrees with a mild overclock (+100/+185)
  13. ok so downloaded a free 3dmark benchmark and ran it, its just a basic edition so i just ran it as is. It was a firestrike benchmark here's the screenshots of the results. Is this good? Bad? Normal?? just trying to make sure this card is running how it's suppose to.
  14. not sure what's normal here but the core clock when under load from a game goes up to CORE: 849.2 and the memory clock goes up to MEMORY: 1248.7 is this normal clock speeds underload?
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