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  1. I just downgraded from a precision m4700 to an E6430 to get some weight savings. I've got through the same setup, and everything seems to be working ok, 3d mark bench ran ok as well http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/13342860. However,when I play Fifa 16 the fps drops for a second and the game skips slightly. I have only tried using the internal LCD. I will tests more games in the morning,but I wanted to check if this was a known issue. Any ideas?
  2. How can I do it so that I don't have to go into the menu to deactivate the dGPU everytime? Even when I select the preselected option (run setup.bat) the dGPU is not disabled. I feel like I am missing a step. Thanks I just realizd I had to press F3 to add it to startup.bat
  3. I am having similar issues.. I will try that driver... and it did not work with my 980ti
  4. Hi all, I am having an issue that I can't fix. I arrived to this sub after buying Nandos 1.3 Setup. My build is: Precision M4700 with a k2000 dGPU, I am using a GDC beast with both a 980ti and a R9 270x. My PSU is a XFX 750 watts and windows 10 Nandos 1.3 set up helped me resolve the R9 270x issues (driver crash every minute), so thanks for that. My current issue (that I already had with my 980 TI) is that after 10-20 minutes the game crashes, sometimes it just gives a driver crash, and sometimes a dark screen. I have tried the following: -underclocked the GPU -monitored temps (they are fine) -tried a bunch of different drivers. Has anyone been through this and can help?
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