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  1. Hi EdowadoHense, I'm really interested in your build. I got almost the same hardware as you do except I have a gtx970. Ur post actually convinced me to give it another shot. Do u have WeChat that I can communicate with you (just in case that I need further help)? My WeChat:1599829747 Thanks, Ray
  2. I got the egpu work on my 13' macbook air mid 2012 with tb1 connected (running windows 8.1). For my macbook pro, I got a successful reboot under win8.1 with drivers installed. But for the second time, it failed and it keeps me out of booting into windows forever.
  3. Yea, the black screen problem is solved. This time I boot into an infinite spinning wheel.
  4. I did exact procedure as you do. But getting different result. After the restart after installing drivers, I got bunch of problems. If I boot my mac with egpu connected and turn on, I will boot into black screen (there is no backlight for keyboard, no light for the apple logo, all I know is the fan is on, and hot air is coming out). If I connect egpu right when the wheel start to spin, it will turn into a infinite spinning. If I connect it slightly later, I can boot into windows without egpu (the egpu is detected but said no available drivers or something like that).
  5. That's what I used to do, but I will get an infinite spinning wheel after i installed the drivers.
  6. Hi, I have the same setup as you, but I'm having a booting issue with windows. Can you tell me how you solved it?
  7. I think I might have a solution to the start up. I turn on my egpu first, than turn on the MacBook. Before the circle start to spin, I plug in the thunderbolt. I successfully boot into the Windows, but this time I have a code 12 error. I read the whole thread about dsdt over riding. But I barely understand. Can someone help me with this?
  8. It works when I'm using the external hard drive with win8.1 on it. But it doesn't work for internal ssd. the screen freezed right after I turn on the egpu in your procedure.
  9. Mine is a 2015 13' MacBook Pro retina. I used the normal boot which does not work if I have the drivers installed. So I found another guide with a weird startup procedure.
  10. Hi everyone, I finished the hardware setup today. So I plugged it into my laptop to install the drivers. After I finished installing the drivers, it made me do a restart. Windows keeps loading, but can't boot into the system. But I can boot into Windows without drivers. my windows is in uefi mode what should I do?
  11. Another short question. Will the akitio light on if I plug the cord in correctly without any pcie connected. Just to test if the cables are working.
  12. So all I need to do is to connect the center white cord of akitio to the molex right?
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