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  1. Dear friends, i have an problem while trying GTX 1070 as eGPU and also i have a friend have same problem with GTX 1060. i have error 43. i am using GDC EXP Beast V7 (mPCIe Version) with laptop Y580 (i7 3630QM, 8GB RAM and PSU Corsair CX550M) i have GTX 970 and it is working normally only this error coming with my new GPU MSI GTX 1070 8GB RAM. so, anyone know how to solve this issue ???
  2. Questions: 1-what is the external graphic card? 00:11 2-how many ways are used to connect external graphic card to laptop? 00:32 3-which way is suitable for most of laptops? 01:21 4-how to connect to internet after removing wifi device from laptop? 01:41 5-can i use laptop internal LCD with external graphic card? 02:00 6-what is the difference between using internal LCD and external monitor? 02:17 7-why there is a performance drop by using internal LCD compared with using external monitor? 02:34 8-when can i use internal LCD with external graphic card? 03:21 9-how much power required for external graphic card? 03:44 10-can i use USB 3 to connect external graphic card to laptop? 04:15 11-is there any performance drop by using mPCI express compared with desktop PC? 04:30 12-can we use new graphic cards like GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080? 04:47 13-what about graphic card temperature? 05:00
  3. the below Video is a eGPU performance FPS test for The Division using EXP GDC Beast, Lenovo Y580 and Gigabyte G1 GTX970. the video setting is Ultra and resolution is 1920*1080.
  4. I am connection 6 and 8 pins as shown to eGPU (EXP GDC Beast). can I connect them directly to PSU instead of eGPU ?
  5. I have eGPU "GTX 970" and it has 6 and 8 pins for extra power. I am using eGPU power port to give this power to GTX 970, so what will happen if I connect 6 and 8 pins directly from power supply ?
  6. I want to share this experience with all. finally I am using eGPU with my Lenovo Y580. performance is amazing and I also tested 3D Mark fire strike and GPU score is 11280. Notebook 15" Lenovo Y580 HD4000 iGPU + GTX660M dGPU i7-3630QM @ 2.4Ghz CPU 8GB RAM 120GB Evo 850 SSD Windows 8.1 64-bit eGPU hardware EXP GDC Beast mPCIe Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming Corsair CXM500M External LCD Benchmark 3dmark-FS.gpu=11280 Full Setup tutorial Enable using internal LCD for windows 10 Videos: benchmark between old dGPU and new eGPU
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