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  1. GPU starts throttling at 85C(Starts reducing voltage and since one of the boost clock reasons is Vrel, it reduces boost clock) . You can make custom FAN curves using the MSI Dragon Center, however, maximum RPMs are 6000. I am using stock vBIOS overclocked by MSI afterburner +135mhz CORE only (click "load full resolution" to see clocks and temps) +135mhz CORE / +250 Mhz Memory. (click "load full resolution" to see clocks and temps) You are getting nearly the same results but 10C higher temps. The problem with overclocking is that you are getting really small % increase in the exchange of high temps and voltage. I gave up overclocking mobile GPUs.
  2. What score do you get in FireStrike or Heaven with the overclocked GPU?
  3. Hello @Klem, Would you unlock the vBIOS of my MSI GS60 6QE (GTX970m 6Gb RAM). I have extracted the BIOS using GPU-Z. The ROM file is attached below. Thank you! 970m6g.zip
  4. Many thanks to Klem for helping me unlock my vBIOS. I have the Core clock and the voltage unlocked. Now I need to find the optimal settings for the 860m. All the best!
  5. Hello Klem, What do I need to send you in order to help me unlock my 860m(Y50)? Best Regards!
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