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  1. With leaked pictures of the new 2016 macbook pro only having usb-c, we will defiantly need more and better USB-C to TB2/TB1 adaptors. The prices are such adaptors are already USD 95+...
  2. just keeping my options open to return stuff it does not work out .. eventually will move into the enclosure that is the reason i got the Galax card .. but it looks like i am still a couple hundred bucks away ..
  3. Hi @Dschijn, I have the hardware for a eGPU setup Macbook ProRetina 13" Late 2012 Akitio TB2 Galax GTX 970 PSU PCIe x16 Raiser I used @goalque's script to setup OSX too, but was sad to realise that the internal display in Mac cannot be powered by the eGPU, had not planned to get a new monitor And was not so sure about the Windows route - 25-30 GB free in SSD + Windows OS + @Tech Inferno Fan Setup 1.3x script even after which an external monitor is a recommended approach. Needs some advice please....
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