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  1. Aww But what improvements can you make to the two BIOSes above? I've run out.
  2. I tried to do so, but I can't get the chipset (BLCK OC and DIMM freq) to show up. Tried both the SM and SL version and still no. But I did manage to unhide some of the CPU options. I need your help to unlock the chipset and raise the voltage. This is the N43SL v414 N43SLAS.414.rom This is the N43SM v212 with the intel ME firmware update N43SMAS.211 Both is supposively unlocked but I can't get to the "chipset -> memory config" and "advanced -> enabled" (DIV-2S BLCK control) and the volt for the 540M (SL) and 630M (SM) it still at 0.98v Thanks in advance!
  3. @svl7 @Xonar Any words on the progress? /:
  4. Okay, I tried AMIBCP and I have found what seems to be a hidden option. But I don't know how to make it appear in the BIOS and let the user set the submenus. Here is some screenshots that might unlock EIST and Memory (DIMM) frequency Last one might be the Intel HD 3000 overclocking section
  5. This uses AMI BIOS, for some reason NVflash or GPU-z refuses to read it.
  6. Thanks a lot Xonar, I will wait for it
  7. Xonar, sorry for not putting the download link. Here is a page that I used to check the newest BIOS version ASUS - Notebooks- ASUS N43SM Under "drivers" I selected Win7 64 bit and there is a BIOS download section Thanks
  8. Just a request to help boost this laptop's performance and squeeze every bit of power out of it. The laptop is an N43SM (SM version) from ASUS's N43 lineup Core i 2nd gen (PGA socket) HM 65 Chipset 2x DDR3 slot, 8GB max (2x4G) 1x HDD slot (sata 2 limitation?) nVidia GT 630M (540M) 2GB DDR3 / Intel HD 2000 or 3000 I think I can find the v211 BIOS from the ASUS website, but if you can't download it, let me know and I'll upload it for you (to mediafire) Some of the features that I hope can be unlocked -GT 630M voltage (3D) increase to 1v (from 0.98v) -Memory overclocking / XMP support (correct me if HM 65 does not support XMP) -SATA 3 capabilities (actually, idk if the N43 allows for an SSD to use SATA 3 speeds or not, so I'm guessing) -CPU power limit adjustment/turbo ratio (during full load) -Fanspeed adjustment (kick in fans earlier/custom fan tables) -TURN OFF EIST (i5 2450M throttles at and beyond 90c) Aside from the BIOS, I can upload a Read/Write BIOS editor analysis file if it's needed. Thanks in advance!
  9. Mumak, can you add a fanspeed control for the N43 series? (SL/SN/SM) Would appreciate if you do
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