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  1. @goalque and @Dschijn thanksss for your selfless efforts...this process worked out... OS X is playing egpu.. but only limitation is suddenly monitor lose connection and OS X crashes... may be because of power issues to egpu... heartfelt gratitude to both of you bro...
  2. @goalqueOk, thanks, all whatever you said is right, I did changed kext manually earlier once, installed nvidia web drivers separately earlier... I will follow the instructions and come back to you
  3. @goalque plz check the attachment, & file vault was already off.. anything else plz let me know?? thanks for reply...
  4. .. osx 10.11.1 i just wanted to use fcpx/ apple motion etc .. i am ok if it works on external monitor too for OS X ...in windows the setup is working just additional info.. what do you think i am missing..? really thank for your reply...
  5. 1. used automate-egpu script .. after the process graphics option is showing "Nvidia chip model" not gtx 970 do we need to edit kext files for internal screen working?? any idea, looking for help especially from goalie &Dschijn
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