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  1. Windows 10 still a failure with optimus i guess, 

  2. So i have installed a clean version of Windows 10, UEFI. My device manager shows this: I do not have Setup 1.x installed just yet. When I run something like Heaven Benchmark I'm getting like 7 FPS on ultra. This is also using an kitio thudnerbolt 2 setup. When I successfully ran this under 8.1 windows it was easily 50 fps. maybe more. I thought the drivers for Nvidia Fixed this kind of stuff. What should I do? Any info you want me to show you?
  3. I'm currently running TB 2 with a ZBOOK 15, but I'm looking at getting an 850 Elite Book and it has USB C connections. Would I be able to take my existing EGPU over Thunderbolt 2, and just get the proper adapter?
  4. My experiences suck. GTX 760 - error 12 GTX 960 - error 12 I would like to see a real thread were we talk more about the types of gfx cards that people are using rather than laptops.
  5. I am seriously not happy. And I'd prefer to hear from some one in addition to nando please. My setup: zbook 15, akitio box, 500 watt psu, and a GTX960 4gb . (EVGA). Thunderbolt 2 Windows 10. I was advised that since it was in the same family it'll be PnP. I validated that a 970 works after the advise from nando was to get a different card because my 760 apparently has a different architecture. Fine whatever, I saved up, bought a 960 after Nando said it would work. Got it setup, followed the same setups he gave me, of just using Setup 1.3 to disable the Dgpu, and it detects it, it sees it, it installs the drivers for it. ERROR 12. Again. Worse yet, when I boot up with the TB2 cord plugged in, it doesn't get to windows. It either blue screens or it hangs on the windows screen. If I hot swap it, it disables my freaking WIFI and all my USB ports. So how this is suppose to give me the same results as the 970 which was a sweet and effortless plug-in-play I don't know.
  6. You will probably be my only hope. How in the hell did you get this working? I have a zbook 15. It is the first generation, the only difference I can see is that you have a 4710MQ I have a 4700 mq. I CAN NOT get this thing to stop that stupid error 12. You are literally the only person I can seem to find out side of nando, who has a Zbook. I have the same Atikio box, windows 8.1, and I can see it just taunting me in device manager. I am so close can you please tell me how you got yours to work with setup 1.3. Please! Tech Inferno Fan edit>> @killem2 tested a GTX970 instead of GTX670 and now has resolved the error 12 issue. It's worth noting that GTX650/750/9xx use a different PCIe config space arrangement (256MB+32MB) than GTX560/660/670/680/770/780 cards (128MB+32M+16M). The former usually less desirable on high TOLUD EC/mPCIe machines but in the case of the ZBook are preferred.
  7. Thank you. - The Zbook 15, does have the Intel Iris Technology. - This might be my issue. I assume the D in dGPU is for discrete. I do not show an option for this. The closest I have is Hybrid Graphics, with options Enable, Disable, and Auto. If I use Enable or Auto, I get all three display units in Device Manager: Intel, Quadro, Geforce. If I select Disable, I only get the Quadro and the Geforce. If it would help the discussion I am more than happy to provide all the options my bios gives. I could be over looking it. - I do have the external setup. I have the power supply (500 watt ocz, which was used when it was in a desktop), Zotac GTX 760, Into a 8x to 16x Molex powered riser card, which then connects into the Akitio Thunderbolt 2 box, and the out put is a 9ft Thunderbolt 2 cable.
  8. Another Update: I too appear to be getting the error 12. Not enough resources.... disable something blah blah
  9. Some Updates: I discovered after I got through all this that Windows 10 and Optimus do not get along for these setups. I have downgraded to windows 8.1. I am not using an external monitor. (I could, but I was under the impression if you have Optimus, that's how you can use your own laptop screen) It is detected in Device Manager fine, it accepted the 8.1 drivers like a champ and my thunderbolt screen still says the box is an allowed device. I tried to run fallout 4 on high settings 1080p, and it was like slower than just running the zbook with default mobile graphics. So something must be wrong. Is there a specific driver I should try?
  10. I have just finished hooking up my psu, to a gtx 760. It is connected to the Atikio box, with a molex powered risercable. Everything is getting power. My thunderbolt connection shows the box is attached. Device Manager also shows the Nvidia 760 and I installed the recommended drivers it suggested. (I tried the exe from nvidia, but it kept saying it could not see the device.) I have ran Fallout 4 on high, 1080 p and it is highly laggy. The only other game I had installed on this laptop was Burnout paradise which should be able to run with no issues on a GTX 760 but is lagging as well. I have the zbook 15 (g1 series). - Intel i7-4700MQ - GTX 760 - 32 MB ram - Thunderbolt cable - 500 watt OCZ psu (which I used to have this and the gfx card in a desktop for a while now) It responds when I unlug thunderbolt and plug it back in. It knows there is a device. It just seem to really be utilizing it. These are the steps I initially followed. https://odd-one-out.serek.eu/thunderbolt-2-egpu-setup-using-akitio-thunder2/ What could I be missing?
  11. Hey there, I am seriously considering the external GPU setup and I wanted to make sure I am not screwing something up with what I purchase or if I can even do it. I saw your list and it said there were concerns with the g2, but I am 99% sure I have the the original model. I've got an I7 4700MQ @ 2.4ghz 24gigs of RAM SSD. It shows that I have a thunderbolt slot and a express slot. The only thing it says under the battery is ZBook 15. So i assume it's first gen. Anyone use this particular model for this stuff? What did you use?
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