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  1. Hi everyone! My ASUS gtx 970 mini is arriving in the next few days; it has one 8-pin pci-e connector. I currently have a dell DA-2 PSU with 2 x 8-pin and a barrel plug for powering the akitio. The asus gtx 970 mini has only one 8-pin pci-e connector. However my psu has 2 x 8-pin. Can I connect only one to the graphics card? Or do I need to get a 2x8-pin to 1x8pin Y cable?
  2. Macbook Pro 2015 15" with dGPU GT 750M This mini-guide is for Windows 10 (for OS X please just use the following: https://forum.techinferno.com/<wbr>apple-egpu-discussion/10289-<wbr>script-automating-<wbr>installation-egpu-os-x-inc-<wbr>display-output.html ) Here's the whole process I did for Windows 10: 1 - (plug and play) - didn't work, I was getting black screen (not even booting). Tried a few times hot plugging the firewire while loading Windows 10, without success. Finally one time, got into Windows, updated NVIDIA drivers and external screen was showing. Rebooted, eGPU was never recognised in Windows 10 anymore. Nando suggested I had to install this: https://forum.techinferno.com/<wbr>apple-egpu-discussion/8558-%<wbr>5Bguide%5D-macbook-enabling-<wbr>optimus-internal-lcd-mode.html 2 - installed the above 'UEFI' grub, and managed to boot computer with eGPU on and connected, but it was not recognised in Windows 10.. (not even on device list) 3 - installed eGPU setup 1.3 on a USB STICK, boot to setup 1.3 and did pci compression and fiddled with a few options. Without immediate success. Then, went to try and boot from the custom UEFI mode and was finally detected in Windows 10 but with Code 12 (not enough resources... ) in device manager. So tried to boot through setup 1.3 (without any luck any of the times with different boot methods listed inside there MBR, MBR2, UEFI..., etc). 4- Went to Device Manager -> View Resources by Connection."Find your eGPU. Then above it will be a series of PCIe Bridges. Maybe 5 or so. What you want to do is uninstall the eGPU and work your way up the PCIe Bridges, uninstalling those as well. When all done, do a rescan in device manager after which it will find those uninstalled devices, install drivers for them. If your eGPU doesnt get a driver installed for it then run the NVidia installer." 5 - No success yet... 6 - Thought.. "My macbook is already booting with eGPU connected (i.e no more black screen at boot)". "Before I try and mess things up with my system. I will restore back to original bootcamp EFI (please see guide in this threat a few pages back ..on how to rollback) and see what happens" 7 - Restored original EFI - Reboot with eGPU turned on and connected, boot successfully onto windows, and had the NVIDIA external card recognised! So updated drivers again and boom! Working. Now NVIDIA control panel detects two GPUs: dGPU and eGPU, the dGPU can be used dedicated to Physx and I can run some games now at 60fps at 1080p Hopefully my steps help you with yours. Remember that my macbook has the GT 750m + intel graphics. Cheers
  3. OK!!!! DONE IT and working like a charm. Restored original EFI. Macbook wouldn't start... Used USB setup 1.3 but only opened (no chainloaded) and then reboot. Booted macbook pro with egpu connected and it went straight to windows 10. Egpu detected installed and working!
  4. Please help... After hours and hours I am at the following: Able to boot with UEFI method here (even though my macbook has a dGPU [GT 750M] ) In windows 10.... Device manager lists it with "code 12" I have tried setup 1.30 without ability to chainload to Windows. I can load to Windows 10 with eGPU connected but unable to install driver / use it. Nando is recommending a MBR re-install but I want to try and get it working with UEFI or default Bootcamp 5. Has anyone had any luck with code 12 ??? My egpu box: AKITIO thunder2 + gtx 750 ti + psu. Please help!!
  5. RE: https://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-apple/10665-2015-15-mbp-r9_m370x-gtx660%4016gbps-akitio-thunder2-win10-8-1-%5Bdanielbrown941%5D.html Hi @danielbrown941 , I have a similar model macbook pro: 15" 2015 with a NVIDIA GT 750m. However - I can't get the egpu to be detected in windows 10. Did you run past this problem? My egpu is Akitio + gigabyte gtx750ti + psu.
  6. Hi Everyone, Just received my Akitio Thunder2 with a Gigabyte GTX970ti, it works great under yosemite, however in Windows 10, it's not even recognized in device manager. I have installed NVIDIA drivers over and over without success. Only one time, I had the image show up in the external monitor, however on restart it stopped working. Can someone help me, or guide me. I don't know what I am doing wrong. My hardware: 2015 15" rMBP NVIDIA GT 970M bootcamp yosemite/windows 10
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