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  1. *****Plz close this topic, my friend is live! :)***** Good afternoon. I have a problem that's this kind. After a failed BIOS update notebook no longer included, ie. when you press the power button and LED vintrelyator launched, but the images were not. it was decided to restore through END + Plough believe. Filled to stick the necessary files, and how to reset has started. The laptop began to read the data from the stick, published 30 beeps periodicity in 1 second after time audio signals umensheli pereodichnost to 0.3 seconds. The notebook is turned off, and will not turn on, when you press the power button does not make any action. Please, help. Sorry for my English *****Plz close this topic, my friend is live! :)*****
  2. Yes, in this state, it is already a couple of weeks. After a complete shutdown is necessary to wait 2 minutes. A restart work as it should)
  3. Sorry for my English. I desoldering and prog both chips in 1 MB and 8 MB. After pressing the power button, LED lights, but the image is presented after 2 minutes. laptop and works as it should work.
  4. desoldered chip, and pierced the programmer
  5. Thx.! I flashed the chip, after pressing the main switch is turned on for about 2 minutes. What could be the problem?
  6. 8 Beeps on startup means the LCD on system has failed. Check LCD cable in MB
  7. You need rename .fd to m14xr2.hd and flash to recovery mode. Press End and plug DC.
  8. Hey. i`m need dump chip u604. Have it ? Sorry for my English)
  9. Me too "flash writte error in SMI, SMI return Code:0x25", how troubleshoting ?
  10. As somebody who doesn't understand the bios completely, features such as hyper threading, over clocking, and turbo boosts are accessed here right? I was under the impression that software was needed to adjust things like turbo boost and over clocking.
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