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  1. Hi Guys, I'm very new to this whole thing so sorry if this isn't formatted correctly, is answered elsewhere or in the wrong place. On HWinINFO, my PCI Express Root Port for the ExPresscard Reader is a 2.0 1x link. It runs at 2.5 gb/s, but is capable of 5.0 gb/s. I tried to change the linkage (Using Setup 1.3) to be 5.0 gb/s by using the port utility in the program to set it as Gen 2. This comes back successfully, but then when I go check if it worked in HWinInfo it says the link is still 2.5 gb/s. Any ideas? From booting the system, here's my procedure (eGPU works with this proc): OS Select Screen (plug in eGPU) -> PCI Compaction (3.87GB, ignore dGPU), disable dGPU, try to change link width, chainload (using bootmgr), play! Specs: T540P: 4800MQ, GT730M, 16GB ram , Win 8.1 EGPU: R9 380, PE4C-EC060A v 3.0
  2. Specs: R9 380, PE4C EC060, Corsair 750w, T540P Hi guys, I got an EGPU setup for christmas. I can't figure out how to turn the damn thing on. I didn't get a 12v adapter for the PE4C, is that something i need? At the moment, there's a 24-pin ATX plugged into the PE4C, and an 8 pin plugged to the right of the ATX. What am I doing wrong here? Do I need a special power thing for the PE4C itself?
  3. Hi Guys, this is my second attempt to get an EGPU for my laptop. Now, the important part is that I AM NOT A SMART MAN. I am utterly and completely lost with all of the technical information; that language barrier stopped me when I tried to buy a set-up last year. I spent hours and hours pouring over the tutorials and I AM LOST!!! Would somebody be kind enough to just tell me yes or no if it's possible to get an EGPU with my setup, and if so, what exactly I should buy? I have a T540P. I have an Expresscard reader, which I think is 1.1 x1. There's also an mPCIE thing, but it's connected to my wifi chip and it would be an annoyance to have to disassemble the laptop to use it. I just wanna know: 1: Can this system accept an EGPU? 2: If so, what adapter would I need? Please be as specific as possible (like just a link to the website to purchase) because I don't understand ANY of the technical stuff!!! 3: What other stuff do I need to buy? Can somebody recommend a card? 4: Would it be worth it? If a $400 EGPU setup on this laptop would barely crack 30fps on medium settings I just wouldn't bother. THANK YOU!!! EDIT: Would this be a good setup for this laptop? I have a DVI monitor Gigabye R9 380 EXP GDC Expresscard Thing Power Supply
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