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  1. Hello. I want an enclosure too so i cannot find. I keep watching.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm trying to buy this for a week and hwtools page says the item is sold out, in amazon usa there aren't more units. Is there a new version coming or there are any problem? I want to buy o e to implement a 1.2opt system on my dell m4600 because my exp gdc v7.0 has issues with gen 2 signal.
  3. I see. Seems that i made an error by bought exp gdc in order to save money, if i buy a PE4C V3.0 i will notice a considerable performance increase because the 5 gb speed? The card will perform better for directx 11? Its 100 $ so i am not sure it will be noticeable. Thanks.
  4. Hello. I connect succesfully a nvidia gtx 950 to a Dell precision m4600 via expresscard with exp gdc beast. My sistem has 8 gb of ram so i had to do a dsdt override to fix error 12 on it. Now everything is working fine 950 and quadro 1000m. The pcie 3 is on gen 1 and when i put it to gen 2 the laptop run but when the gpu is running a blu screen and laptop get off. I tried setup 1.30 and i tried with retraining with no retraining, dgpu off, ignoring dgpu, etc. Im not able to enable gen2 speed in my sistem so i think there is anything i have to know about this configuration to do it work? Thanks in advance.
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