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  1. This is amazing, I did repasting and before my CPU was throttling at 100C very quickly (few minutes after intense gaming), my GPU was reaching 88C all stock clocks.. Directly after repasting within 1 hour of gaming my CPU reached 66C and GPU 77C.Now after all night of gaming my CPU sit at 62C and GPU at 71C. (stock clocks). I used Gelid EC Extreme 03 and Gelid termopads (12W/mK) 1 packahe mentioed above was enough.
  2. hi, I'm about to change thermal paste and thermal pads in my Y580...My processor without overclocking throttle in games like Diablo 3 it reaches 100C and then it drops to 80C. For now I restricted power to 85% and my temps are lower (~88C) but I need to change paste. I've ordered Gelid EC Extreme 03. But i'm not sure how many thermal pads I should order? I saw You said that 1 set of 50x50x0,5mm and 50x50x1mm is enough ? So only 2 pads needed ? On Your pictures I can see much more pads used. i want to buy these ones: GELID GP-EXTREME TERMOPAD 12W/mK 1mm TP-GP010-A (5723533091) - Allegro.pl - Więcej niż aukcje. 80 x 40 x 1 mm GELID GP-EXTREME TERMOPAD 12W/mK 0,5mm TP-GP005-A (5723533150) - Allegro.pl - Więcej niż aukcje. 80 x 40 x 0,5 mm how many peaces of each should I get ? btw. In throttlestop You overclock all of Your cores to 3,2 ?
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