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  1. well i think that you need to connect the graphics card adaptor to a connection that is directly linked to the chipsets main bus or something, plus a mpci won't fit on an sd card slot. I guess your only chance is to take out your wireless card and game while your laptops housing is opened
  2. There goes. I recently started an eGPU project with this adaptor (pe4c).Reason I wan't to sell it is because due to my slow laptop (Gen 2 speeds), and other many factors, the results I obtained with the eGPU setup weren't exactly as I expected, so except of further continuing tryng to make it perform better, I started a full pc build which I am reeeeeally satisfied with. Thing is now I got no need to have the external graphics card adaptor, and I am willing to sell mine for a reasonable price, taking into account that I've only used it a couple of times and that's almost brand new. btw the connection is via expresscard and the cable is soldered to the adaptor, so those who are looking to use it with pci, this ain't for ya. Anyone who wants it don't hesitate to PM me ps:i can't upload photo, tech inferno only lets me post 1024 kb files
  3. Have the same problem, I think we are going in the wrong direction somehow.Hopefully someone will reply
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