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  1. Lenovo Y400 i7-3630QM, 2.4ghz, 6mb cache 16gb DDR3 Ram Geforce GT750M with 2gb mSata SSD : 256gb Plextor PX-256M5M SSD : 512gb Crucial CT512 MX100
  2. Yeah big chances you motherboard burned ! Like Betastar said "...replacing motherboards on a laptop is very tedious and more expensive than buying a entirely new laptop. If you see a smoke, always not a good sign and you shouldn't try to turn it back on after that." Try another motherboard and new parts at your risk and peril ! Electricity is very serious and can be deadly if you don't know how to work with that !!!
  3. Hello world !!! My name is Xynosaur I'm from PQ, Canada and I discover this forum from the Y400/Y500 thread about the modded BIOS for 2.04 ! Nice little place ! I will definitely come back from time to time ! My main computer is a Lenovo Y400 with a 256gb mSataSSD and a 512gb SSD (I have the latest one with the GT750m) ! I am mostly an Atari ST user !! (I still love the amiga The war is over now !)
  4. I watched the 2 New Kids (Turbo and Nitro) with my girlfriend last week (with subtitles since it's in Dutch), this stuff is really funny !!
  5. Xyce did a release with Backstreet boys cover made on FastTracker II and other trackers for amiga, atari st, etc. ! Totally worth it LOL https://xyce.bandcamp.com/album/xyce-vs-backstreet-boys
  6. Lots of people seems to have problem with different Ultrabay stuff...I have problem with my ultrabay DVD drive, it don't burn cds anymore, reads disc 1 time out of 5 and it is super slow... Great concept on paper but a pain in the *** in real life + bad customer support doesn't help at all...Not surprised Lenovo don't put these on their laptops nowadays !
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