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  1. Thanks for reply! What i foud out is that i guess i would need to first flash mmy BIOS to version E1763IMS.50V cause my current BIOS is E1763IMS.50R? And then i flash to latest - E1763IMS.51B? Or am i reading wrong and mine isnt from E1763IMS.500 ~ E1763IMS.508 cause my ver has letter in the end? Also i found out that i cant dump my original vBIOS using GPU-z. It makes error that "BIOS reading is not supported on this device" I know that i should have backup of original BIOS is something goes wrong... how can i make it in other way? Unlocked BIOS isnt really that necessary? I thought it was
  2. Hello I have MSI GT70 2PC with 870m 3 Gb and i7 4800MQ and i would like to OC it more than stock vBIOS/BIOS let me to do. What BIOS / EC should i flash it? At time i have BIOS - E1763IMS.50R and EC 1763EMS1 Ver 5.10 Bios says that are builds from... 01/17/2014 - a bit old i guess. Where can i find new BIOS files? Is there any way to get unlocked BIOS for my rig? Also question about graphics - i would like to flsh vBIOS for most optimal OC configuration. At time i have OC it for about 83 mhz on core so it hits 1050 mhz and is stable which i guess is pretty nice but i cant realy OC memory clock which is downside of it. GPU-Z says that i have 80.04.EA.0.02 (P2053-0003) version of vBIOS on this card. Is there any newer? Could i get unlocked one? Thanks for replays
  3. i had simmilar problem on my gt70 with 870m while playing FarCry3. Video was stuttering, freezing etc. At time it was with stock driver which came with my laptop (337.88). Whatever, in my laptop it was all about overheating and cooler not spinning fast enough... which was odd. Anyway i repasted termal compound, reinstalled windows, new drivers came up. And it did right. Actually i have some freezes and TDP related FPS drops but i think changing vBIOS will make it better. i think you should do same - repaste thermal compund (if you didn't do it - in MSI's laptops its overkill!) and try to change vBIOS for some like OC version - you don't have to OC but they are likely to be optimsed for TDP and voltage bottleneck which make card to freeze.
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