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  1. I re-seated the memory and I cleaned out the cooling system. Unfortunately that didn't work. I found a repair guide on Tech Inferno but I need more posts to be able to download the files. I have no idea where the system battery is located or any buttons or jumper switches to reset the CMOS.
  2. Not only is the stock cooling capabilities not that great on a Macbook Air, Apple has the hardware and software on lockdown so it would be very difficult to make the necessary bios adjustments for stable overclocking.
  3. You'll need to wire the display cables into an HDMI connector. You can probably buy the HDMI connector from an online electronics store like digikey. You'll need to contact the monitor manufacturer for a technical sheet that shows which wire does what and you'll need to solder it to an hdmi connector or dvi connector to connect to a motherboard. It won't be easy unless you're an electrical engineer.
  4. It might be possible to reset the bios password. I know on desktop PCs there is a coin battery that you can remove to reset the BIOS. It might be true for laptops. I recommend find a copying of the maintenance guide for your model of laptop and seeing if there is a bios reset procedure.
  5. Hi, I have an Asus G60v laptop. Recently the display stopped working. I think it's the video card since I did the trick with flashing a bright light at the display but I still see no image. Has anyone else had this problem with their G60v laptop? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks.
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