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  1. Hi Klem, If I follow you correctly, as long as I understand, I can reconstruct a damaged Asus Bios Dump (full 8 MB) like this: - Take the first 2MB from damaged Bios, save it as a new file : firstpart.rom - Copy the 6 MB Asus stock Bios and paste it at the end of firstpart.rom - Save the file as: mycompletebios.rom Juste a simple copy & paste . Is my assumption is correct ? Thanks,
  2. Hi Klem, Thanks for your comments, but I need some clarifications. "Whole bios dump 8 MB contains in first 2 MB: Descriptor, GBE, ME. Other 6MB it is Bios region." Does it mean that the whole bios is just a SIMPLE concatenation of the first 2MB + 6 MB Asus stock Bios ? Or during normal flash, the 6 MB Bios will be splitted into multiple parts and written into several region inside the 8 MB. "Sensitive settings (SLIC, MAC adresse, Serial Number ...) siting in 6 MB Bios" . Is this 6MB Bios = 6 MB Asus stock Bios ? If this is the case, all G75VW should have same MAC adresse, SLIC or serial/ServiceTag number I don't really understand. Could you please give me more details or if you have some tutorial how to reconstruct the bios, I would be very happy. Thank you
  3. Hello, On my G75VW, there are 2 jumpers JRST2001 and JRST2002 near RAM. Those are for CMOS+Bios reset. I don't know if you have similar feature with your laptop.
  4. Hello, I'm in big trouble. My laptop Asus G73VW has 2 *750 GB HDD. After succesfull upgrade from Win8 (shipped within when purchased) to Win10, I had a disk error with the 2nd HDD (my data disk). The 1st HDD is my Win10 (clean installed) system disk. Win10 tried to repair my 2nd disk but it took too much time so I turned off the system. I removed the disk, put it in external USB enclosure and repair it on my desktop computer (an old Pentium rig). Reinstalled the disk, turned on my laptop and got the black screen. My bios is corrupted. Tried all known tricks : battery removal, CTRL+Home to reflash with bios on usb stick (FAT32), JRST2001 & JRST 2002 jumpers trick, reinstall RAM.. NOTHING. Tried to flash differents stock versions of G75VW bios. NO PROGRESS. Always blackscreen. The laptop reacts when I push on/off button, Power Led lit, keyboard backlight on then turned off immediately. I think my Bios is corrupted. I don't have any 8 MB ROM dump and I don't know how to reconstruct the bios from Asus stock bios (6 MB). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Is there any tutorial to reconstruct a G75VW bios, because it is a 8MB chip but the Bios file from Asus site is 6 MB, so the missing 2 MB must come from the bios dump of the bricked laptop ? The 2 MB bios section contains all sensitive settings (SLIC, MAC adresse, Serial Number ...)
  6. Hello guys, Purchased recently: MSI PE60 2QE Intel i7-5700HQ GTX960M 1TB HDD 1*8GB RAM no SSD Win8.1 built in, upgraded to Win10 sucessfully
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