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  1. hi Tom*, nice if someone at least tell me the correct procedure I thank you ... I'm not using it over to improve capacity but limit the max temperature that my GPU can use ... I am using so far the AS5 folder decreased by more than 20C temp ... if I do not use my temperature go to over 94C, with overclock down to 60C ... is it wrong this? if you answer yes, I stop immediately, I'm using VBIOS unlocked by slv7 ... need info on how to control my Temp... this single solution for me so far ... grateful for the help!
  2. Because the ID of the Alienware machines are not inserted in many of today's drives ... at least with the GTX780 NO nvdmi.inf I had my ID ... by manually entering all the drives worked ... can not be the case with colleague above, but I'm trying to give the solution that I managed ...- - - Updated - - - Could you give me a help with my gtx 780m? I am using overclocked to control the temperature, there is a better way to achieve this?
  3. Right... even the coming of Eurocom drivers I've already made the changes and functioned good ... sorry the question but you allowed to view the extent of common files?because HAVE to be the nvdmi.inf or nvdm.inf that are key to the alienware ... The old drives are nvdm.inf and current nvdmi.inf ... I know it was a basic question, but that no extension would be useless file ... check if the extensions are actually released on Tools / Folder Options / View common extensions ... to finding strange that ...
  4. hi friend, I've been through a lot in my alienware ... you need to modify the "nvdmi.inf" it is the KEY to get ... go and success!
  5. Hey J95, could help me to improve my performance gtx 780m? Already unlocked my VBIOS, done mod drive nvidia, has applied new thermal juntamentente pads with a good thermal paste ... My FPS ta stable now, but my temp is between 80C - 90C ... taking only 3,400 in scoring 3D mark ... the only way to improve my temp was lower temperature limit in NVinspector ... please me some instructions, I came up here reading a lot in this forum. My confg. Alienware M17x R4 3630QM 32GB Core i7, GTX 780m 4Gb unlocked via SL7
  6. Hi Tom, yes already applied the paste and thermal pads all new, live where the temperature is already high, can not in any way lower the temp of my GPU ... I have no idea how to do this without being over control of the Season NV inspector ... CPU is reasonably good, but GPU would at most 70C, but never got, not with my old 675m = / Something else I can do?
  7. Goodnight everyone, now applied the AS5 folder (still can not get the gelid, but I'll buy) and my 104C CPU dropped to 65C ... great! My FPS Borderlands not go down under 55 with ALL the ultra inclusive Physix in High ... I thank the attention of everyone here! I'm just my GPU does not yet satifsfeito is with 84C (all in ultra) ... now I wonder, should I use overclocking to improve? which recommend?
  8. Ok, I will buy this Gelid Extreme same, I hope that solves the problem, since unlocked the VBIOS and all he could do to use this card within your ability and so far have not used even half ... - - - Updated - - - Yes indeed, I have done a lot, the question was my hurry, but do not have much choice now ... I need to work this out
  9. I'm from Brazil, ... found this Gelid Gc-7g supreme, the price is much higher than the others, but I believe it is worth it ... you have some risk? type, is a conductor?
  10. ... now you got me .. I will research this you mentioned ... hard to find around here
  11. Thanks for the quick response, good, come on ... This print was using the machine normally without using overclocking, but I'm already using it open at the bottom with a 20.000RPM cooler focused on the GPU, reducing at least 10C ... I ordered to Article 5 silver for maintenance ... I'm using the wrong note in time to avoid damage. I've done all the cleaning, lacking only the folder ... only think that would solve the heating problem and fall of FPS? I have done almost everything ...
  12. Hi TomJGX!, The following image my machine without overclocking playing for 5m borderland2 in ultra ... I know there's something wrong but do not know how to solve = ( Overclocked can maintain 65C, yet falls too FPS from 60 to 10fps ... I'm running out of ideas how to solve ...
  13. Right... is possible share your overclock? i try here, my best fps min is 11 and max 70 in moment =/ ... hard man rs
  14. Hi Giozera!, thanks for share! what your FPS in game? You had problems with FPS drops too? as resolved? playing borderllands 2 for example, my FPS drops from 190 to 15 of nowhere ... and its temperature? it handled? If you can help me co mestas information thank you very much =)
  15. Hi guys, I'm new forum, pardon my despair ... I will summarize my problem, my setup: Alienware M17x R4 Core i7 3630QM 2.4GHz 32GB Ram, I did update the gtx675m (burned) for Gtx 780m. I learned to set Mod Nvidia, update bios and VBIOS, my CPU in every game is 85C to 94C with Temp .. it worries me a lot and to make matters worse, my FPS is very unstable ... of 150Fps to 10fps at random moments ... Before upgrading my coma VBIOS version of SL7, the game would crash the W7 in 5 min game ... now we solved this problem ... but continues to spark much and falling FPS (this because a direct adapted very strong in my cooler GPU ...), could you please help me? I am a layman on laptop and hardware ...
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