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  1. Hey all,So I decided to post over here instead of at other notebook forums (in support of Nando4). nuff said.specsprobook 4330si7-2820qm hd 3000 graphics16gb ramwd scorpio black hddintel 520 ssdI originally bought this machine for music production and wanted something fairly compact but upgradable to a quad core+16gb ram, dual hard drives, etc. This is the perfect machine, except for the loud fan. you can google and see what I mean. After months of searching and buying a new fan (did nothing), I stumbled upon this HPfancontrol (note: at that website, you need to scroll to bottom of page to get the hp version). this prog will allow you to adjust the fan steps based on temperature and works awesome for control over your fan but it cannot change the lowest rpm setting for your fan. This was a good temporary solution but I needed better.This is where my mod comes in (NOTE: MOD AT YOUR OWN RSIK, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU FRY YOUR LAPTOP):I bought a bunch of diodes for about 2$ on ebay (model # 1N4001) and I put 2 of them on the orange/red wire on the fan. this reduced the first fan step from 3000rpm to about 2150rpm and its pretty darn quiet.The effect of the 2 diodes is that it also reduced the top fan speed to 4237rpm (i didnt check what it was without the mod). During testing I also, accidentally found out that there are more fan control settings than those in the HpFancontrol.ini file. Pretty much any value between 0-128 changes the fan speed so I have been playing round to get the speeds that I want.How to do the mod:Take 2 of the diodes and solder them together. Make sure you note the polarity. Do not connect the stripe side of 1 to the stripe side of the other. it should be [blank-stripe]-[blank-stripe] NOT [stripe-blank]-[blank-stripe]. if you have a soldering iron, I would solder them together. Also tape or heatshrink the connection. Remember that if the wires touch anything inside your computer, its fried.Unplug and take out the battery, flip it over and press the power button to release the charge.Ground yourself by touching some metal.Open up the bottom cover and remove the fan (see hp removal guides
  2. hey guys, thanks for having this great forum where you dont ban people. i was directed here due to the Tech Inferno Fan ban issue and am showing my support by making this my new home and i deleted my 2 threads that i started regarding upgrading an hp probook 4330s to an i7 quad. ill repost here. cheers! ryan
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