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  1. I have the lenovo Y500, and recently bough the 650m sli upgrade. I have to say it is amazing. I play CS:GO competitively, and 1 650m (even overclocked) on 1080p wasn't cutting it. Now with the 2 650m's not overclocked CS runs amazing (100-200fps) and the cards are at ~65-60 C. In my opinion I would say it is totally worth it. I was also able to run bf3 at 50-80fps on ultra settings no AA 1080p, not overclocked.
  2. I believe it is, but since it is already a gaming laptop your speeds are fine where they are. Overclocking the ram really does not yield much more performance, unless you go through a bunch of extra tedious steps. It has to do with also overclocking the connection between the ram and the cpu, otherwise the increased speeds barely do anything. So whatever your ram speeds are, its most likely fine.
  3. If you notice your temps get higher when you do the same things, for example if you play a game and your temps are around 70 degrees C, that is perfectly fine. But maybe a few months later it climbs to 75 in the same day, and then just keeps climbing. I would say once it raises 10-20 degrees from factory new (ayy csgo reference) you should repaste it.
  4. It is personal preference for normal use, but if you ever chose to do gaming windows is definitely better. However for your use of editing I would chose a Mac. They are excellent for basically any kind of editing
  5. For normal use it is personal preference. If you ever want to do gaming, I would switch to windows, but for graphic editing or video editing or basically any other kind of video editing I would chose a Mac.
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