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  1. finally finished my setup to the point where i can close akitio box: though i still need to make holes for air flow in the enclosure because it got so heated, the labels fell off of the fans! has anybody had problems where fps would rarely go above 60 even in non-demanding games and sporadically drop to 40 without much correlation to the load? i'll try to investigate this more closely this weekend, seems weird.
  2. why would kext extension randomly stop loading? any ideas?
  3. well this is quite ugly.. do you think i can get better result with a zotac card?
  4. monitor came with mini-dp -> display port, i didn't bother getting any adapters and decided to go for simplest possible thing - dvi-hdmi (although i'm not really sure if it's the simplest). anyway my problem got solved by re-running Kext Wizard and doing whatever that thing does.
  5. i did run it previously and tried again - it didn't help. what did help was running Kext Wizard and rebuilding cache/whatever. booting with egpu plugged in works, display started in mirrored mode, so i disabled it and made external one primary, diablo 3 started and was certainly using gpu to render. one thing that got me worrying was that when i entered the game card started making weird sounds, which is possibly the ground loop problems mentioned to me earlier because of my powering setup (i mix original akitio psu with dell da-2 to power the card exclusively). i'll wait with testing until i get the barrel attached and power everything using dell da2. cc/ @Dschijn
  6. i have problem getting display output from my akitio+kfa2 setup. how do i troubleshoot this? i boot into osx without egpu, stick thunderbolt, everything powers up, device gets recognized but no display detected. display is connected by simple dvi->hdmi cable.
  7. hi @Dschijn, here's my setup: 2015 13" mbp with iris 6100 akitio thunder2 with original psu in barrel and dell da-2 in gpu (2x6pin) kfa2 gtx 970 dvi-i -> hdmi cable -> dell u2414h monitor when i plug thunderbolt cable into my macbook everything powers up, gpu fans work, gpu is recognized in my system information but there is no monitor detected. did you have problem like that? clarification: i've now selected hdmi as input on monitor, it still says there is no signal clarification 2: i'm booting into osx thanks
  8. hmm this is confusing, links are: http://www.inno3d.com/products_detail.php?refid=184 and http://www.inno3d.com/products_detail.php?refid=122, hope forum won't hide them now and this is what i got when googling "Inno3D GeForce GTX 970 Combat": http://api.monosnap.com/rpc/file/download?id=1LJUse7jOnZDBtDvDlpBo8obvxRaJv EDIT: links
  9. i see you've updated first post but you've linked a larger card, this is what i found: Inno3D GTX970 HerculeZ X1 - length 172 Inno3D GTX970 HerculeZ X2 - length 215 not sure if 215 will fit
  10. possibly another gpu to add to the list: Inno3D it's 172x111, dual-slot width, Maximum Graphics Card Power -145W it has slower base clock than KFA/GALAX card though
  11. ugh.. wow. thanks for letting me know. what is ground loops? are there any noob-friendly resources that explain that sort of stuff?
  12. yeah, i ordered GALAX card via Amazon(it clearly had GALAX label on fans) but got KFA. Thinking of just sending it back and getting Zotac.
  13. hi all, just thought i'd mention this: i've got myself KFA/GALAX card but my friend from gpu business seriously suggested to stay away from that brand. he works for Inno3D so there is obvious conflict of interests there, but his suggestion was to use Zotac if it fits inside Akitio. so this is the question - does Zotac card fit? unfortunately zotac doesn't specify the dimentions on it's spec page: GeForce 900 Series: ZOTAC - It's time to play! cc/ @Dschijn @goalque @seefew @Tech Inferno Fan
  14. current output looks normal, no errors, finds the driver, IOPCITunnelCompatible mods are valid. my problem is probably the power or i'm missing something about how it all works. should this gpu take over Iris in rendering main macbook screen?
  15. standard stuff: akitio, dell da-2, kfa2 gtx970. i powered akitio using it's stock psu and gpu with da-2 through 6pin splitter. i've ran the script from goalque with relative success (first couple runs failed because i had osx incompatible sed in my PATH, last one succeeded, i have nvidia web driver installed). now the problem is if i boot up my macbook normally - everything is fine, nvidia has the checkbox next to it's web driver in system panel. if i boot up with thunderbolt connected and akitio powered - i get black screen. P.S. system report shows additional gpu so it's a win, making it primary is apparently not possible at the moment so i'll just get external monitor somewhere.
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