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  1. Hey folks I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the original wireless card which came with alienware 18 or alienware 17 r1 to a Atheros Qualcomm Killer N1525 Wireless-AC. The killer n1525 is currently being offered in the newer alienware 17 r2. The problem I've ran into is...The killer n1525 seems to be using a smaller format. Is there any sort of adapter I can use to make this work? Also another problem I can see being an issue is the actual antenna connectors being to big for the killer n1525. If any one has performed this upgrade or can guide me in doing this upgrade it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Quick question guys. Im currently trying to upgrade my alienware 17 r1 which originally had a gtx 765m in it to a 980m.On day 2 now trying to figure this out. I do understand the fact that I don't have a 100w heatsink but I guess ill risk using a 75watt one for now with a fan being directly pointed on it. Now my question to the experts is the 980m I got was from a friends msi gt72. will a card from a MSI work properly in an Alienware 17? I've already "downgraded":sexy_girl: to windows 8.1 in a full uefi environment. I've installed one of Mr Fox driver mod drivers and the card gets recognized. Now here is the problem the card starts to throttle at only 51 degrees celcius. Is that because I did something wrong or is the vbios the culprit? I've tried some other newer drivers with an inf mod such as 352.86 and no go. Maybe Im doing something wrong. I download the original driver from NVidia. extract it to a certain location. download the nvcvi.inf file after that I copy it to the NVidia.driver folder prior to installation and yes I have also disabled driver Signature Enforcement. Unlike mister Fox's mod which actually works and includes 5 different files this one im trying only includes the .inf. If im wrong in my methodology can anyone point me in the correct direction?
  3. Hi I'm Leo. I own 2 alienware 18s one with 880m sli and one with 765m sli...I also have a Alienware 17 r1 with gtx 765m in it and in the process of upgrading it to a 980m
  4. Hey guys just wanted to know if this would be a safe idea. I'm upgrading my alienware 17s gpu. It currently has a gtx 765m and I'm upgrading it to a 980m. One of the requirements for this change is to have a 240 watt alienware 17 psu but my frugal side kicked in and I have an extra 330 alienware 18 psu laying around. Since they seem to be the same pin type and both are alienware branded would using the 330 watt instead of buying a new 240 watt psu work?
  5. I know this is probably a stupid question guys but just to be safe im going to ask. I am going to flash the vbios of my gtx 765m sli in my Alienware 18 (ALW18). In the download section on the first post there are only alw14 and alw17 listed. Im not exactly sure which one I should use to flash the vbios. Should I use the ALw17 one or are both available vbioses not compatible?
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