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  1. Hello. As I saw in the first message, this method is only for 77 series chipsets. I have V3-371 laptop with Broadwell and 97 series of chipset. Can this method be used for flashing modified BIOS to my laptop? Thank you.
  2. Hello. Could someone help me, please? I'd like to flash modified BIOS to my laptop V3-371-584N. But unfortunately I get many times discussed error: InsydeH20 - Secure Flash Error : Invalid firmware image!!! I read, that modified BIOS could be flashed using Crisis Recovery Mode. But I can't even flash the original (not modified BIOS) to my laptop in such mode. I hold Fn+Esc buttons during Power up with USB flash drive in USB 2.0 port with the only file - VA30X64.fd on it. The only difference was in showing BIOS version during POST and there were no any Crisis Recovery procedures. What I do wrong? Maybe there is some other way to flash modified BIOS to this "top secured" laptop. I'll be glad to listen it. Thank you very much.
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