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  1. OK! I did it, there was CRC error, it is alive. Everything is fine. Can I upload you my 5 laptops BIOS-es for whitelist or it is to much,or it will take to mych of your time?
  2. I've tried, but all I get is black screen. This is the one I've uploaded. Maybe I dumped it wrong and it has some errors. Maybe modding it with whitelist and advanced settings will help
  3. I dumped my BIOS rom, and tried to mod it by myself, Now I have problems running my laptop at all. It boots up, but blackscreen all the time (no beeps unless I remove RAM, then normal beeps occure). Last time you did some magic with my T440s corrupted dump and it was alive again. "I just want to restart my laptop (with password)..." means that I do not want you to do any password removal stuff.
  4. Hi Klem. Can you help me with T550 BIOS? I think there is some CRC error. I've tried to remove password, and failed... Last time you helped me with T440s and it worked with some help from my friend. This is oryginal T550 taken with CH341A. https://mega.nz/file/cN0SUTQZ#bdPhJqhaFdfhcDKVeyvtUyGr0WdrR0qpvp7S-BBwWA0
  5. OK. I understand. I will try another method, USB maybe. If it will not work, I will do more research on bios files and mayby try to rebuild my file (I know it has many, many lines, but I have nothing to loose). Thank you for your time. If you have anything that I can help you with PM me. (mathematics, physics, nuclear power, energeticts. engineering, plumbing or other stuff, I know a lot and I am learnig all the time).
  6. Just as i thought. What can I do? Do you have any other BIOS file, that I can use, or it has to be one from my laptop? As i mentioned before, I've tried to write some *.bin/*.hex files that I found on Internet, but with no good result. Is there any possibility, that some short circuit randomly occured and destroyed my BIOS chip, or just "bits" on it?
  7. Hi Klem, Couple days ago after boot, my T440S went crazy. It beeps 5 times, pause, and another 5 beeps. I think it's BIOS problem, so I dumped itnto *.bin. Can you check if everything is OK, and maybe do a whitelist ;). I've tried to put some other BIOS-es, but with no repsonse (not even beeps). Thanks in advance. ZRB https://mega.nz/file/UB0EmQbS#YqkEjxukGQClxR2dmgMzWwSlaVvRCmjAEGzs6B5D_d0
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