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  1. Acer Iconia W700, is it possible to do an eGPU setup with its Thunderbolt port? *I just found out that the release version has no thunderbolt port...
  2. You can send the picture to my e-mail. Here's my e-mail address: theshortcutgroup.miros2@gmail.com Thanks timohour, i think I'll get a 37xxQM
  3. @timohour, can i see a picture of your x2 2.0 setup? thank you! ...and what do you think is worth it for the cpu, 3630qm or 3720qm? TIA
  4. can i do mpcie+ec x2 2.0 8gbps using exp gdc?
  5. @timohour, is it possible to do the "clean" solution @ x2 2.0 (8Gbps) for the e6430?
  6. Hello e6430 thread! I'm Miroslav. Just ordered: Dell E6430 i5-3340M@2.70Ghz 16GB RAM no dGPU GPU: EVGA GTX 960 SC 2GB ITX Version EXP GDC Beast V7.0 Should I need DSDT Override + Setup 1.30?
  7. I have the HP EliteBook 2560P. What items should I need to buy for eGPU setup? Thank you so much!
  8. can you list all the items you bought? thank you so much! i wanna do this setup sir.
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