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  1. Nice. Can you do something like a before/after comparison? I would also be interested in how much the iGPU profits from the faster memory bandwidth. I did compare 1600/1866MHz RAM a little here: http://forum.techinferno.com/hp-business-class-notebooks/2537-12-5-hp-elitebook-2570p-owners-lounge-108.html#post137262 Also it would be interesting to know how faster RAM influences power consumption. I think the memory controller is specified for 1600MHz, so running it at 2133MHz means the memory controller runs overclocked.
  2. CPU and storage update is also possible on the 2560p, but IIRC there were some limitations when using 45W quad cores in it.
  3. Newest version is btw. At least that's what I am using with Windows 8.1.
  4. Oh well, that doesn't sound good. Guess I will keep the BCM for a week or so in case something like that happens. So far the Intel 7260 works fine though.
  5. Buggy? What do you mean? I just tested the cards a bit. They were all tested with the 2570p and latest drivers. For the BCM 94352 I took the WIndows 8.1 driver from lenovo. It is pretty hard to objectively compare these cards. Luckily the only wifi out here is my own, so at least no other wifi AP's are distorting my signals. I'm not sure the SNRs I get from inSSIDer are a good measure of signal strength, but I can say that the Intel 6300 had the best values and was the only card which had a SNR as low as 50. Also the SNR was better when used in my 2560P with three wifi antennas compared to my 2570P where i used two wifi and one WWAN antenna. The BCM seems to be the worst in terms of SNR reported by inSSIDer, mostly somewhere between -65 and -70 dBm. As for speed I just connected my 2560P via cable to my wifi router (FritzBox 7360SL, 11n, 2.4GHz, max. 300mbits) and shared a 100mb file. Then I uploaded/downloaded the file via wifi on my 2570P. I tested it three times with every card and every time the values were about the same. BCM: Upload: ~3MB. Download: ~3.5MB. 6300: Upload: ~3MB. Download: ~4MB 7260: Upload: ~3MB. Download: ~5.5MB I think I will go with the Intel 7260, because of the following reasons: Cost: You can get a 7260 very cheap on eBay, like 10-15€. Meanwhile the cheapest BCM 94352 I could find was 40€. Seems to be faster than BCM and Intel 6300 (at least when the router isn't capable of doing 450mbit and you are not far away. Apparently the 6300 should do better on loger range?) Better driver support than the BCM card. (For some reason you can't get the driver for the BCM 94352 directly at Broadcom but instead you have to download it from Lenovo, Asus etc.) Unlike 6300 capable of doing 802.11ac Needs less power than 6205/6300.
  6. @phillofoc Nah, they are running at normal timings, see screenshot. Also I'm now in a situation where I have the following wifi cards: Intel 6205 (currently in 2570p) Intel 6300 (currently in 2560p) Intel 7260 AzureWave BCM 94352 Any idea what's the best way to compare them somewhat objectively?
  7. I wanted to build an Intel Ultimate 6300 wifi card into my 2570p, but unlike my 2560p it only has 2 antennas for wifi... Anyone know if I can just use one of the UMTS antennas instead?
  8. Got a 2570p now and made a comparison between RAM running with 1600MHz and 1866MHz (both times 2x4GB and running with CL11). Processor I used is an i5-3320. Sandra Memory Bandwidth: 1600Mhz: 19.16 GB/s 1866MHz: 20.13 GB/s (+5%) 3DMark06: 1600Mhz: 5970 1866MHz: 6161 (+3.2%) Not really amazing, but since both kits (8GB) cost the same here (both around 50€) I would pick the 1866MHz kit.
  9. No, they can stay. With NVidia cards you can use the internal display of your laptop with your eGPU (though with some performance loss). WIth AMD cards you can only use an external display which is connected to tje eGPU.
  10. Oh, there is an operating guide? Good to know! Hmmm, they could definitely improve their English. Also thanks for the tip! I ordered the Dell DA-2. (Only 20€ incl. P&P on eBay!)
  11. Why do my posts need to be approved here? Come on... at least don't be lazy mods... //Oh, now it works. Well. Does anyone know how the cooling from the 2560p and 2570p compare? They look a little different. I would guess the one from the 2570p performs slightly better?
  12. Anyone know if high powered ac adapters like 180W are working well with exp gdc? I've seen some using 60W ones?
  13. Well, I just looked it up and the screen from the Elitebook 820 would fit but sadly it has a different connector (eDP) then the 2560p (LVDS). :72:
  14. I'm sorry if this topic already came up, but does anyone know if the IPS-Panel from the Elitebook 820 fits into the 2560p/2570p? It's an LG LGD0404, here is a test of it. It is vastly superior in every category and I would cry tears of joy if I could get it into my 2560p.
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