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  1. link626

    unlocking y580 bios

    Hello. New bios released. Clean rom. http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/5dcn39ww.exe Let the fun begin? lash BIOS update - Flash from Operating System version for IdeaPad Y480Y580 Version 5DCN39WW Installation README Updated Date:2012-10-15 This package updates the basic input/output system (BIOS) on IdeaPad Y480 Y580. Updated Information: Latest Version BIOS fixed the Windows Memory Diagnostic Hangs up at 99% Issue General Information: 5DCN39WW
  2. link626

    unlocking y580 bios

    not worth the risk, using a y480 tool to flash a y580. they have different bios. for the Y570, lenovo eventually released updated bios roms that you could play with. I would just wait until lenovo releases a new y580 bios. I have already called lenovo tech support requesting certain bios features, like automatic external display when closing laptop lid. Maybe they might release a new bios rom with those options available.
  3. link626

    unlocking y580 bios

    hehe. i am hesitant. is it much easier to mod the bios when lenovo releases an actual bios rom, instead of messing with bios dumps
  4. link626

    unlocking y580 bios

    I checked those bios dumps on biosmods forum, and they all have their ID's and serial numbers embedded in them in plain text. each bios dump is going to be different. i dumped mine using that tool, and I have different values than everyone else
  5. link626

    unlocking y580 bios

    count me in. I just got my Y580 this week too. I am running the old 2.03 bios I can dump the bios if you post here how to do it properly. I also checked hwinfo64 and it shows my uuid and serial number. I think I need the 2.05 bios because my external monitor won't turn on automatically when I close the laptop lid. they must have disabled it in 2.03.
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