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  1. kanpol

    unlocking y580 bios

    svl7 I was able to copy my bios, now how do I get it to you?
  2. kanpol

    unlocking y580 bios

    Svl7, the person used "Universal bios backup toolkit v2.0" to make the back up. There is a "Lenovo SN" ,"Board Numer" and "UUID Number on the bios menu page.
  3. kanpol

    unlocking y580 bios

    Naldor, I know the bios is not on the hard disk, but lenovo hides its partition for the one key recovery and one of the hidden partions has a copy of the bios on it. I guess in case you need to reinstal it. Should've clarified that, my bad. Right now just waiting for my kid to quit playing GW2 on it so I can try to unhide the partition and get the copy of the bios on it.
  4. kanpol

    unlocking y580 bios

    Svl7 here's the link for the bios rom http://db.tt/mLJxcZoP , someone else posted it, its actually a newer bios then mine. Mines 37ww(2.04) and this one is 38ww(2.05) same machine so it should be fine. Thanks in advance
  5. kanpol

    unlocking y580 bios

    Yea its really an InsydelH20 bios. Its actually the 1st time I've even heard of this type of bios, so I'm not sure how to dump it. There is a hidden partition on the hard drive, so I'm going to try to unhide it and hopefully it will have a copy of the bios on it. If not, do you happen to know how to dump it?
  6. hello all, Just got the y580 and noticed that the insydelh20 bios was very limited in what you can do. I was wondering if anyhere could unlock the advanced menu. I checked lenovos website for the download of the bios to link it but there was none listed yet. I'm not sure if you need a copy of the bios, but if so let me know how to copy it and I will send it to you. Thank you in advance
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