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  1. Thanks for replying sir, i tried so many methods to reach this target, but there are always something that prevent me to unlock overclocking. I sended you my bios, but i need to inform you that i already unlocked the hidden settings in system Bios with help of AMIBCP programm and flashed it with AFUDOS version 5.01. However, i cannot find anything related to nvidia graphic card, but found a plenty of setting related to integrated intel video card, where there is even overclocking support for it, but not for GTX 850m. What a strange situation:62: By the way, i noticed that you use Russian e-mail, are you from Russia? You dont need to answer this question, it's just my curiosity)
  2. Hey guys! Is this topic still actual? I just have a problem with my GTX 850M, it can't go above 135MHz with overclocking. Please, can anyone help with it?
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