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  1. Hi guys, I can't figure out how to get the PE4C to work with my ThinkPad W540 - any help would be greatly appreciated! Below is a copy of the email I sent to bplus support. Thanks! 1. Bplus model Name PE4C ver. 2.1a PM100C mPCIe to HDMI P15F ver. 1.0, M.2 (NGFF) to mPCIe Extender Board Setup: The WLAN card is removed from the PC's M.2 slot - and the P15F is inserted instead. The PM100C is mounted on the P15F M.2 to mPCIe Extender Board The HDMI cable from the PM100C is connected to the X1 port on the PE4C. See photo! 2. Question (problem description) Not working at all. The first problem to address, I believe, is that the GPU fan does not turn on at all - and hasn't at any point (not even for a second). Note: I've tried with two different power supplies and two different GPUs (as listed below) - and the result is the same. What happens: The LED (R8 on the circuit board) on the P15F lights green when the computer is turned on. When the HDMI cable is connected to the X1 connector (not the X2) on the PE4C: The O1 LED on the PE4C lights red - and stays lid. The O2 and O3 LEDs on the PE4C lights (flashes) green - but turns off again instantly. Things I've tried: Different power supplies (listed below) Different GPUs (listed below) All combinations of settings for SW1 and SW2 Different orders of connecting and turning things on: Connect HDMI first, then turn on PC, and then the PE4C Connect HDMI first, then turn on PE4C, and then the PC First turn on the PC, then the PE4C, and then plug in the HDMI cable First turn on the PE4C, then the PC, and then plug in the HDMI cable [*]Turning the WLAN option on and off in the BIOS. 3. System Environment (attach a PHOTO file if you can) Computer: Lenovo ThinkPad W540 Note: this machine is listed on the bplus website as being compatible with the PE4C. Power Supplies tested: Dell DA-2 Corsair AX1500i PSU GPUs tested: NVIDIA Titan X NVIDIA GT 120 4. OS version Ubuntu 14.04 Note: I don't think the OS is responsible for the GPU fan not turning on, but I can install Windows later, if that is required to get everything working. Thank you in advance!
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