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  1. Thank you very much for the pics and the videos conker, just just convinced me to do this upgrade
  2. Wow really nice conker!! It's any possibility that you can upload some 3D mark 11 benchmarks so i can have an idea for my future upgrade agaist the 460m gtx and my i7 740qm? what about temps with you OC at 1000 mhz? I will really appreciatte.
  3. wow very nice clocks there, I heard also the 670m gtx and the 680m gtx have the same mxm version socket size.... obviously the prices go high, do you think it is worth the extra money? 670m gtx its almost the same price,(280 usd) the 675m gtx goes to 450 usd and the 680m gtx 740usd , do you think any of those cards would work also? or the vbios wouldn't allow it....? I have now the stock intel core i7 740qm do you think it will cause a bottleneck with the 660m gtx from some powerful games? I'm plannnig I could have a chance to play crysis 3 on this machine.. what would you recommend? or just sell it a get a new one? I just love this laptop don't want to get rid of it too soon. Victorman7
  4. Thank you Very much svl7 I have been your fan since 2010, and I have been waiting for this long time ago... do you have any idea where I can buy this video card? and how much it would be in US Dlls? I have the mexican version of the G73jw-A1MX , I use it for CAD design, I'm planning to put some bucks in this machine since I love it... do you think this video card would work with the 3D screen version of the g73jw since I think now this definitaly would worth. With the core i7 940xm 16gigs and this card this is gonna be a truthly beast!! Do you think I can play BBF3 on high settings or ultra @1080P? Victorman7
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