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  1. I'm on Windows 8.1 with an m18x r2 and a single 980m. Having some driver issues, hoping someone can point me in the right direction. With 353.00 and prema v2 I get a FLAWLESS (NO visual lag) firestrike "demo" test and roughly 8700 score (I'm understanding this is a good score with single card and a 3720qm) I get GARBAGE (-2000 FS score) performance out of every new driver I try (374+) except my initial update I went to 378.49 before I realized it was frying people's cards and ddu'd.. was getting 100 points better on average but surely there are MANY other benefits over my ancient driver... (on the fly fps overlay was nice..) I'm just looking for a little direction as to what I may be doing wrong. Only "mod" to the driver I am doing before install is is the .inf file that allows it to be compatible with my custom setup.
  2. Alienware m18x r2 Intel i7 3720 32 GB 8x4gb Crucial Nvidia Gtx 980m 8gb vRam
  3. I have been enjoying ESO. Have heard ping timesin SWTOR were REALLY bad.. I love Final Fantasy.. Hated #12 the other mmo. Havent couraged up 15$ to try it out yet
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