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  1. On my m5 pro it shows up as an off board controller in the UEFI/Bios. You should not see it in the SATA section as its a PCIx device so that part is ok. Make sure CSM is disabled in bios and windows 8/10 should be able to see the drive
  2. Anyone know if the P650SG can do 3D vision out of the mini display port using an active adaptor to dual link dvi?
  3. Hey guys can you check to see if your getting a pacakge c-state greater then c2 in windows 10. Use realtemp TI and click the c states button, for some reason it wont go past pacakge c-state 2. I really dont want to reinstall windows 8 to test this. This is on a P650SG, I get the c7 states for the cores, but the package wont leave C2. edit: Fixed it by installed Intel Rapid storage Technology, no idea why that is
  4. @Prema is there a way to just flash your bios? I have just gotten the new ec and me from eurocom version 501/1008 I wanted to see if I can still use your bios with them Thanks!
  5. Yes make sure he uninstalls all nvidia drivers/software first reboot and then flash it. I personally go into safe mode to do the flash I am just paranoid probably but better safe then sorry. Also after you install the latest driver there is an issue with the latest geforce experience. It hangs windows login for about 30s on my system. To fix this change the nvStreamSvc to Automatic delayed start from automatic in your system services Here is the link for the fix http://imgur.com/a/SASGA
  6. I asked Prema about that for my P650 and was advised against it as BCLK oc is very unstable, I just used Intel XTU and played with the multipliers and voltage
  7. That is a fire hazard waiting to go on recall. Dear god that is a small cord for that wattage!
  8. Prema, I flashed my P650SG with your mod bios. I had a bugger of a time with my killer 1525 bluetooth vanishing from device manager. Looks like your ec version needs to be higher to fix the issue. I am using the EC i got from eurocom which is version 1.03.06 Also have a question is it possible to downgrade my me fw from so I can overclock my 4720HQ using bclk. Is that even advised? I just have really annoying electrical noise when idle and usually bumping the bclk up a notch fixes that.
  9. I am also Loving my clevo, I have the P650SG which has the 980m instead of the 970m. I would be curious to know your temps as well. I know my laptop is slightly thicker to accommodate the 980m. GPU is around 75-80 when im gaming, I have yet to monitor the cpu as the fan for that side of the laptop is barely running so I figured its not being really taxed much.
  10. I also get 1308 2505 as my stock speeds. Im able to do about 200mhz on core and about 300 on memory for a stable overclock but honestly its just eats any game I throw at it. No reason to overclock it right now for 1080p gaming. You cray folks on 4k screens at 15" or 17" are nuts! That text is just toooooooo small for my eyes
  11. Hey Djdan, Watchdog service is used by intel xtreme utility. Basically lets it know your overclock or underclock failed and to revert to defaults. If its giving you an error best way to fix it is to remove xtu, reboot. then install with admin privileges here is a link to the latest https://downloadcenter.intel.com/search?keyword=xtu
  12. my 980m in the p650sg is around 75 playing Witcher 3 it has yet to clear 75 when I play for extended periods of time, I hate nvidia for blocking overclocking in their drivers. Really don't see a point to doing that
  13. Weble

    980m problem.

    have you gone into the nvidia control panel and set it to maximum performance? Default is adaptive
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