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  1. IMHO single card is better than sli, because some games are not able to use sli properly. I would recommend to sell sli and buy single GTX 780 ti or gtx 980.
  2. It depends on cooling system and the card itself. If it has good non-reference cooling and/or relatively low power consumption then it should be ok. My previous HD 7950 with windforce 3x cooling was overclocked from 900 to 1250 MHz, but nevertheless was cool and quiet.
  3. I have really bad CPU (4770k), I reached only 4.2 Ghz 24/7 stable. Stable means at least 5 hours of prime 95 testing, and my CPU requires 1.3v for it. So, after a lot of experiments, I stayed at 4.2 ghz / 1.325 vcore and 1.9 vccin. It works well about 1.5 years, but it's kinda annoying to have such bad CPU
  4. I think it happened because of some windows processes interference. Therefore I won't flash from windows anymore. Btw, what is the max safe voltage for 860m kepler? I think 1.2v should be alright as long as non-M versions of these cards works well with that voltage.
  5. sideswipe78, I have tested in 3dmark 11 extreme and aida 64 (both CPU and GPU tests simultaneously). The temps are pretty low: less than 70 in 3d mark since there are only short tests, and 76 GPU/80 CPU (peak) in Aida after 30 minutes. I'm really worried about Vbios, because I have killed my GTX 780 Ti after 10-15 times of flashing. I think because I was doing it in windows and somehow something went wrong. Fortunately, there is a way to revive GPU on PC
  6. Hello everyone! Just bought GS60 with 860m kepler. I'm planning to modify vcard bios, so there is a very important question: what would happen if it go wrong? There is a way to repair PC video card with broken bios, but this is a laptop. Theoretically, I can repair the same way, becsuse GS60 has second vga in cpu, but I'm not sure. So, do you know guys for sure, is there a way to repair broken bios? I really don't want to risk Thanks!
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