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  1. I've put together my eGPU with a Akitio box, Corsair 500W PSU and a Galax GTX970 card. The hardware is working fine and I was able to get the drivers installed and the eGPU working in my bootcamp Windows 8.1 install without much trouble. The problem is on the Mac side. I've installed the CUDA drivers and I've downloaded the Nvidia web drivers (modified to skip the system check). The Nvidia installation starts and goes fine until it hits it starts to validatation process (about halfway through the progress bar) and then errors out. I'm running Mac OS X 10.10.3 on a 2012 Mini. Just as an experiment I tried this on my old MacBook Pro (running 10.10.4) and I get the same result. I've tried downloading several of the various Nvidia driver builds for other OS X versions just to see and I get the same results. Am I missing something obvious? (pay no attention to the driver version # at the top of the picture - I get the same failure notice for every version I've tried)
  2. *removed cause I posted in the wrong thread by mistake. Sorry!
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