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  1. Hi, I recently stripped a few of the exterior case screws on my laptop (specified in title) when removing them. I bought my Sager from XoticPC in 2017. I posted this qyestion on their forum a few days ago but got less than 15 views and no answer. XoticPC charges $40+ for these, of which there are 9. But I dont want to pay that much. You can get huge boxes of multi-OEM assorted laptop screws on eBay/Amazon for cheap. But since I'm not sure of the size (I'm sure they're all the same) I dont want to risk ordering yet. Rough measurements with a metric ruler seem to indicate that they are M4x8 (4 millimeters in diameter and 8 millimeters in length. A guy on another forum I frequent says they are probably M2.5x6/8/10/12, but he is only guessing based on research and YouTube teardown videos. I just cant be sure. If someone can please post the exact size of my model-specific case screws then I would appreciate it alot. Thanks!
  2. I have recently installed Windows 10 on the M14X R1, and was previously using 7. It BSODed several times before and 10 wouldn't boot, but I suspect this is because I was trying to use the older 7 drivers provided by Dell. 10 is running fine for a few days now, no major issues. Finding the latest drivers has been a major pain. I used DriverPack Solutions and manually searching the Web to find newer drivers than what Dell provides, as well as accepting drivers from Windows Update sometimes (only as a last resort). But I'm still using the now really old IMEI and IRST drivers from Dell, both of which are 2011. I have a Samsung 850 EVO SSD, I tried running on 7, 8.1, and 10 without IRST, but things just felt slow. As soon as I installed IRST the OS pepped right up and felt snappy for the most part. So I do believe IRST is necessary, despite claims by others that it isn't. Finding the proper IRST has been particularly hard, I tried searching Intel's Download Center website, but it's just a huge, confusing maze. Some of the IRST drivers appear to be for RAID, with names "Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID Driver", and others appear to be for non-RAID (has same name as RAID versions but RAID not mentioned in the name). I also Googled the version # of the IRST driver by Dell, but the 2nd and only link by Intel was for an IRST driver for desktops. I install with with AHCI in the BIOS but I'm not using any form of RAID. I know that RAID is just a subset of the AHCI spec, so I suspect the RAID driver will still work fine. A driver from 2015 or later is preferred. I can't find IMEI download links on Intel website at all. Can someone also help me determine where to find the latest chipset drivers? The one from Dell works, and there appears to be a generalized chipset driver updater available from Intel, but I'm looking for one that is R1-specific. Has one posted a Windows 10 upgrade how-to for the R1, complete with more recent driver links? 7 is fine but I really feel that I shouldn't live in the past forever just because Dell doesn't support 10 for my model. Thanks for any help!
  3. I just figured I'd chime in to say/confirm that I'm currently using a Samsung 850 EVO 1TB (not the Pro version) with my M14X R1, and everything is working flawlessly. I've only had it installed for a day, but things are working out great so far. On an unrelated sidenote, I'm also using the modded BIOS A08 (M14xR1_A08_[unlocked]_voltmod_incl_GF116_&_SATA_fix.zip) from svl7 (http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m14x-aw-14/561-%5Bmod%5D-voltage-increase-nvidia-gt-555m-7.html#post12003). His mod allows for the M14X R1 to take advantage of the full SATA 3/6GBPS that the 850 EVO 1TB has to offer. An added benefit of his mod is that you can also install Windows in UEFI mode on GPT partitioning, instead of being stuck booting in BIOS/MBR mode. I tried for quite awhile to boot Windows in UEFI mode on the R1, thinking it wasn't possible, until I found svl7's mod. It turned out the UEFI option was simply hidden in the BIOS by Dell. At first I tried installing/booting Windows in UEFI mode via a hack called TianoCore DUET (see my post at Need Help Setting Up UEFI DUET On Alienware M14X R1 - Boot from USB / Boot anywhere - reboot.pro), which essentially boots the PC in BIOS/MBR mode, but tricks Windows into *thinking* it's running in UEFI mode. But later, with svl7's modded BIOS, I discovered that using DUET wasn't necessary, since the R1 is indeed capable of booting an OS in native UEFI mode on GPT, after having flashed that. I suppose that some/any of the other files on his page (linked above) might also unlock/enable UEFI mode. Just my 2 cents, hope that helped someone!
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