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  1. i would personally avoid AMD as i am not a fan of their software at all. i have owned two AMD cards in my life time, and the second time was in hopes of better software support, but it is the same old experience. i would definitely go for a GTX 970 over an R9, just my two cents.
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    i use three 24" Dell IPS panels (1920x1200), i've been using them for a few years now, and i must say, minus the thick bezels in between the displays, it is hard for me to even consider getting rid of them for a new 4K monitor. i have grown too attached to the way i can easily separate tasks between the three screens. though you are able to do this on a 4K display, it is not the same, there's a sense of physical separation between the tasks.
  3. i think they made a good move making the game free to play, the servers seem more comfortably populated since they have
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