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  1. Hi Arise! I've read your post about g750JW bios. I want unlock my bios cuz I'm having some problems with fans throttling. Can you send me your bios unlocked or teach me how can I unlock it?


  2. Humm I see! I already have the newest bios. But I couldn't make a backup of my bios. I've tried amibios and FKT utilities, but I couldn't do it, do you know how can I do it? Thanks.
  3. Some can unlock the bios for me? Here is the link of the newest bios: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/G750JW/G750JWAS208.zip?_ga=1.7655474.1876296444.1430512096 Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the Guide, but I've tried it, but my fans just started spin up very fast and didn't slow down until I turned off my computer. I'm using Notebbook Fan Control and I can control my fans, but when the fans starts spin up very fast I can't control anymore. In the Notebook Fan Control looks like the speed fans are both in default speed (20%), but the fans are really throttling. I don't know what kind of problem it is.
  5. Hi Klem, cuz i'm getting some problem with fans, when i'm playing or doing a video benchmark, the GPU fan starts throttle and after that i stop playing or benchmark the cooler doesn't slow down. Even if the temperature comes cooler, like 35 degress. So i wanna try modify some fans values. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys! I've tried to modify my G750JW bios, but i couldn't. I got the same problem of , someone else could do that?
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