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  1. Everything is fixed! For now =) I gotta get some games running and push this thing and see how it goes.. everything seems to be in order for now. I want to say thanks again to J95, Robbo, and everyone else on here that's contributed on this post and any post out there.. Without these guys out here figuring this out we'd be stuck paying the man to fix our issues and they already have to much money... Game on
  2. So I back tracked,, thinking of anything that could've gone wrong during the botched info I got from the people I bought the video card from. I also have been staring at J95's post on page 23 for hours now with the 780M install... and realized I removed the drivers for the integrated video and sound cards, which robbo said i probably didn't have to do.. but what I failed to do was disable the integrated audio and video card in device manager.. so I reinstalled the audio drivers, then disabled both the video and audio in device manager and behold, graphics drivers installed and i'm back looking at 1600x900!!!!!!!! = ).. but no audio =( im sure it's a simple fix but after 10-15 hours of staring at every possible post for the 780M install i'm burned out.. Much Love and Thanks to J95 and Robbo and everyone else on here who has posted solutions to all of our many problems!! And everyone who's pulled away from here and fixed there problems should donate at least a little bit!! This kind of information would cost you hundreds from the PC companies if you had to call them.. PS. if someone wanted to throw me that quick audio fix I would really appreciate it... I truly am burned out.. PSS.. I used the Resident Evil 6 benchmark on Steam to test my system with my old 460M and my new 780M.. OMG serious.. Can't wait to play some games!
  3. Hey Robbo, Thanks for the response, Luckily Ive been on nightwork this week so Ive had some time to dig into this issue, I've read this entire post from page 1 to 41, which I just saw you responded to my post, since then Ive become a T/I member and donated because good info deserves it.. anyway,,, I followed the direction that eurocom gave me over days prior to the install because like everyone else I had questions before I actually went ahead with dropping the cash on the card. I've used DDU and have unistalled everything, modded the bios, hit the settings in bios, inserted myself in test mode, and have used several different drivers with modded inf files with no success, it's madness to keep repeating the same thing over again so after 12+ different drivers with modded inf's both done myself and by J95, and the other site that mod's there inf file.. still no success. I'm currently at a loss. I'm running Win 7 Ult 64bit, and i see the card in device manager as unknown device, and have pulled the hardware ID out and have sent all this info to J95 because the man just has this r3 stuff dialed in.. I feel it's got to be something simple because so many people have failed and made a minor change and have been successful on here and got to use the Thank you button!... I have tried just about everything in this post and im flat out exhausted. Thanks to everyone in advance.
  4. Hey J95 I'm at my wits end here with trying to figure out the right combo for the modified inf file.. so I'm just gonna tuck my tail at this point.. PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_119F&SUBSYS_04901028&REV_A1 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_119F&SUBSYS_04901028 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_119F&CC_030000 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_119F&CC_0300 Windows 7 Ultimate 64 on a M17xR3 from 2011. 780M is the new card installed coming from a 460M. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hey, So much useful information on here, I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to install my files for my new 780M.. i downloaded the modded file from eurocom, but it doesnt seem to be working.. I'm trying to get some modded inf files but I cannot download yet. looking for a little help. Thanks!
  6. Hey Everyone, First time poster, good stuff on here so far. I haven't sat and read threw all 41 pages but Ive read about half and I haven't been able to remedy my situation yet. I installed a 780M in my 2011 M17xR3 today and everything went fine with the install.. and the company I bought the card from ensured me of a quick easy install and turn around. Unfortunately it doesn't ever happen that way and I can't seem to get things straight. I'll start from the beginning, installed the Modded A12 bios update no problems, disabled the Internal audio and video cards, switched to PEG and all that. Restarted the pc and removed the integrated video drivers, all audio drivers, and all nvidia drivers. Re-started the PC to shutdown properly and realized drivers started installing themselves again, so i quickly disabled the wireless, then disabled the auto detect and install of drivers from windows. removed everything again that reinstalled. restarted and shut down. Installed the card. Started back up, went to install the video driver on there website, the 347.09 driver I believe. Did the custom install option, did a clean install and 20 seconds into the install I get a windows security popup for cannot verify publisher, so i continue with install anyway.. and installation fails no matter which way I try it , normal mode, safe mode, disabled driver signing mode with the F8 boot screen.. This is where I'm at.... I have downloaded the video driver 347.52 that J95 has posted on his install guide on Page 23, but that install is also alittle different then what I did,, so i dont know if i'm missing a few things or what. Any help with any of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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