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  1. Hey Guys ! Has anyone of you tried Counterstrike: Global Offensive on his R3 ? It's performing good on mine, but after 10 minutes it freezes. Using Windows 8 and HWInfo64 to speed the fans up a little bit to avoid throttling. I think I have to get new heatpipes soon, even Counterstrike kills my GPU, lol
  2. Damn, that would be so awesome
  3. GeForce GTX 680M in an AW M17xR3 - would it be possible ? Didn't heard any rumors about it. Greetz.
  4. Anyone benchmarked Max Payne 3 yet on his 17er ? )
  5. For sure ? That would be awesome ! Then I would think about picking up a 2920XM, too
  6. Try the following: Go to BIOS and load the Optimal Defaults. Shut down your Alienware and take off the AC. Remove the battery and hold down the power button for around 25 seconds. Put the battery back in and power on your Alienware. Maybe that solves the problem
  7. Same for me on Arkham City. Average fps is around 22-30 with some drops to 6-8 when you "travel" fast to other areas.
  8. Take a look at this thread: http://forum.techinferno.com/hwinfo32-64-discussion/65-alienware-fan-control.html You can override the fan control settings with HWinfo
  9. Sounds like you overwrite the fan control of the GPU. Watch your fan speed with HWinfo, when undervolted.
  10. That's nice It's just so amazing, that a simply thing like repasting the thermal paste can have so much great effect. Your notebooks gets cooler, becomes more silent and you can get more power by overclocking it
  11. Yeah, did the whole thing, too. AS5 is really nice. I didn't changed the pads on the GPU RAM. The ones from DELL/AW work fine, so there's no need to. But with the GTX580M, changing the thermal paste on the GPU has the nice effect of avoiding throttling. Unfortunately that's an Nvidia problem... Hoping, that DELL will fix this soon, 77 degrees is ridiculously low.
  12. Nope, was the first thing I did, when I got my R3 ;> Never had a run with the thermal pads from DELL. First: Changed thermal paste. Second: Erased HDD. Third: Installed SSDs Fourth: Installed Windows
  13. Having around 50 degrees @ 720p HD Video ;-) Repasted with Arctic Silver 5, of course
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