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  1. mikesaand

    What fans do you use?

    Personally i prefer Fluid Dynamic Bearings(FDB) used in makes like Scythe and Thermalright. Yeah sleeve bearings have a shorter service life then most other designs.
  2. mikesaand

    7970m Unstable with any Overvoltage

    Be aware that overvolting should only be done by experienced users and can seriously harm your GPU, shorten the life of its components and lead to unsuspected effects and / or system instability. I take no responsibility for any possible damages.
  3. mikesaand

    i7 4770K Overclock

    96 c° is too much the proc limit is 85 c° try OCCT tool tests
  4. I have the same ddr3 RAM , my bios version is 3.05 so I can't overclock this ram May be you should upgrade or downgrade your bios version to get a fully fonctionnally bios setting for your ram
  5. mikesaand

    Macbook or PC for video editing

    Apple’s operating system can therefore make presumptions about the hardware it will be functioning on because Apple can extensively test its operating system with every piece of hardware it releases. Microsoft doesn’t have this luxury, as dozens of manufacturers create hardware for Windows.

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