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  1. i too am curious - - - Updated - - - oh wait... my 7970 gets better 3dmark11 scores than a stock 8970. never mind haha
  2. Hey guys, Crashes early on in games, maybe 5 mins 10 mins in? I'm thinking at this point it may be overheating VRMs, or too small a power supply (i have every hole in this lappy filled. msata ssd, etc. that being said I dont use the built in panel which is a chunk of power...) One other strange symptom. 3dmark11 from the second test to the physics test, shows up as purple and green lines on my external monitor. If i have the lid open the monitor on the lappy shows it fine!! (Wtf) happens even at stock levels, with stock volts... Going to reinstall drivers with enduro off tonight, maybe enduro just stuffs with it? Oh, and windows update just broke catalyst... sigh. - - - Updated - - - gpu temps hit about 66degc
  3. Hey Guys, Having trouble with my 7970m, it hard freezes pc at any overvoltage. Is this a PSU issue? Its in my Alienware m17r4. I was trying to run 1.075v at 980/1380. It froze, so I took it back to the stable OC of 925/1300. Still froze. Took it back to stock clocks and guess what. It froze! On stock clocks! This only happens when I disable the integrated graphics. (I assume enduro prevents the card from hitting max power use/performance/whatever) On stable clocks, dedicated card only, stock volts i get 50 fps in I:SS. With enduro on, at 1000/1400/1.075v i get about the same fps. With enduro on at stable clocks and stock volts i only get about 34fps... so obviously enduro is throttling me somewhere. I just don't get why it crashes on voltage, shouldn't this not be possible at stock clocks?? Do I have a dodgy alienware? Thanks guys, Scott.
  4. i did see a guy liquid cool a lappy once. ( )he had quick connections to the outside, and copper tube wrapped around the stock sinks on the inside. all his cooling hardware was then external, and he would plug it in to overclock and game at home. not ideal, but effective.
  5. is that even a legitimate/advised way to cool the ram? thermal paste?
  6. are you using the genuine dell bios file? if so, call dell.
  7. hey eivan, i use a 42" tv as my default monitor. All you have to do is set your computer to not go to sleep when the lid is shut, set your monitors up in windows and close the lid! when you boot you will have a blank display until the windows log in screen, but unless you are working in the bios or dos or something every day it should be sufficient.
  8. I had a similar issue on one of the 17r4's i sold. I turned out to be a fault 7970m card not reporting gpu temps (i know you said cpu, hear me out) The fans are controlled by the EC thingy. Its the same circuit that controls the lights and such. Very unusual. But the EC reads the cpu temp and the gpu temp and controls the fans for them. As yourdoom said, run HWinfo and go to sensors, then click the tiny fan icon and force it to 5000 rpm. If this solves the issue (as in your fans were not ramping before) you probably have a faulty cpu or gpu. I cant recall however if the faulty gpu was reporting temp in HWinfo... i have a feeling it *was* but only at the graphics card part, not the EC part. which was what made me initially misdiagnose it as a EC fault. GL.
  9. Never hurt to check, It could be coincidence. Pop your battery out, and back cover off (2 screws). Bios battery is just sitting there from memory. Just pop it out and check your voltages. (should be around the 3.7 if its good)
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