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  1. So what to do when BIOS is 3.07 ? Anyone can shed some light on this?
  2. Hello guys!.. I am doing this for my friends laptop after last week ago I manage to do it to mine. He has the same laptop but upgraded the BIOS to 3.07 How can we downgrade the BIOS so this mod can work? Any reply highly appreciated.
  3. Well I freaking did it! After reading all 147 pages I manage to find all the solutions to the issues I encounter. I have now my modified BIOS on my y510p laptop with the new 7260HMW wireless AC card flying like an eagle. Thanks for SVL7 for the work done onto this. I have send you a small donation to show gratitude and for you to get some beers on my behalf for your great work. Thanks again and Thanks Tech Inferno.
  4. Sorry for my triple post... BUT I manage to complete everything but the laptop is not recognizing the USB so I cannot boot via USB. And Yes Boot from USB is enabled in the BIOS. Anyone can tell me why I cannot boot from the USB neither is recognized in the BIOS? do i need to put the BOOT mode in Legacy or leave it in UEFI? Any help highly appreciated. I am very close to complete this..
  5. I am trying to flash the modified BIOS by SVL7 but I am not able to boot from USB. On BIOS is not detected. What can I do to boot from the USB? Any help highly appreciated/
  6. How can I create the backup I drop my backup BIOS but gives me an error like this " ERROR - invalid input file. Make sure it's a proper dump of BIOS version v2.04, v2.07 "
  7. You have to launch the CMD prompt via Run as administrator. Place the files to c:\ ... Once that you may need to navigate via dos your C drive. cd.. to exit folder and cd name to enter a folder. Once you have reached the folder of the file of the batch just type it and it will run. You will see when finish a .bin file created. Hope this helps
  8. Hello guys. Having a Lenovo Y510P and looking to upgrade my wireless card for better performance while reading this great mod I am stuck in the step of dragging and dropping the backup bios into the BiosFixer. I grab the file and try to drop but it does not give me the options or do it. Is the BiosFixer tool has to be in the same folder as the backup? How can I make this possible so I can continue the flashing of the modified BIOS? Any help highly appreciated. Thanks Svl7 for the mod. Thanks TechInferno for the amazing vast information regarding our BIOS modification.
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