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  1. Does this mean that the akitio thunder2 and other enclosers are using thunderbolt without Intel's permission?
  2. With this setup are you able to remove the graphics at your will? Or does it have to be connected to your computer all the time.
  3. Am I able to remove the graphics at my will whenever I want to? Turned off of course if I do this?
  4. I have a 6950 card and I want to use it with my 2014 macbook pro retina 13 inch. Should I just buy a new nvidia card or can I use this card?
  5. Keep in mind you can also make your windows computer into a hackintosh. That way you can get a good high performance computer with os x on it
  6. I have a Macbook Pro 13 inch retina 2014 and I want to do this but I have an AMD 6950 graphics card. I know this card doesn't work in mac but will I be able to use it with windows?
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