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  1. Thanks for the reply Prema, Those Fire Strike scores that I quoted were the total scores, not just the GPU score, which on best run was GPU 9550 using stock vBios and 347.52, and as mentioned above, all other combinations resulted in a worse score. The only thing I haven't tried is your Bios V3, I am using your Mod 1.02.17PM v2 Bios My Fire Strike GPU score was 7285 using 345.20 Mod Bios V2 and Mod vBios V1. cheers...
  2. I'm not sure if my experience is the same as everyone else, but I have tried the modified vBios on 3 separate occasions (and then re-flashed the stock vBios back)and have tried it with; 344.91 345.20, 345.20 Mr Fox 346.87 347.12 347.52 and none of these drivers and the Modified vBios has been as good as the stock vBios and 347.52 (or 347.71). Any driver I have tried with the Modified vBios has resulted in a Fire Strike score of between 5800 and 7850, mostly the lower end. Using Stock vBios and 347.52 I consistently get between 7950 and 8100. If someone can recommended non347 driver to use with the modified vBios I would love to hear which one. cheers NightFX
  3. If your looking at drivers from LaptopVideo2Go the Win8 64bit includes Win7 64bit.
  4. Stock vBios is here, http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/3119-%5Bbios-vbios-mods%5D-prema-mod-stock.html scroll down to post #4, and it is listed as; CLEVO_8GB_GTX980M_MXM_Stock.rar
  5. Thanks Prema, My head hurts just thinking about this. Lets see if I can get this correct. Stock vBios + 347 driver = 100% performance (but not able to OC). Stock vBios + non 347 driver = Drop in performance 20% Prema vBios + other driver, (pre 347 driver) = 100% performance and able to OC. Prema vBios + 347 driver = 100% performance (but not able to OC). Can you please correct the above statements as needed. thanks NightFX
  6. I think you might be having the same problem that I first had. Where several drivers installed OK, showed the GTX980M in the Device Manager, but Optimus was not switching from the Intel VGA to the 980M, regardless of the "Manage 3D Settings" in the NVIDIA Control Panel. If you like, you could try this; Fully uninstall existing NVidia drivers download and install this 347.12 diver and modified INF from v347.12 Windows 8 64bit | NVIDIA Desktop/Mobile OEM - GeForce r346 series - LaptopVideo2Go Forums (This diver seems to be very happy to work well with anything) From what I understand, using any 347 driver and Prema's vBIOS you will get a 10% drop in performance, and this seems correct from when I tried those two together, but at least you will discover if its a Optimus/driver problem, and not some other issue. If this dose solve the problem you can either flash the STOCK vBIOS back and install the another 347 driver like the 347.52 and mod INF (which is what I did to get back the 100% performance on stock clocks). Or, keep the modified vBIOS and keep trying other divers that get Optimus to work on your configuration. Hope this helps, Cheers NightFX
  7. You shouldn't have to disable anything, the NVidia Optimus program should switch from your Intel VGA to the GTX980M as required. Which driver did you use? A couple of screen shots might help as well. eg Cheers NightFX
  8. Try a driver from here, LaptopVideo2Go: Drivers don't forget to download the modified INF file to be placed in the "display.driver" folder before installation. cheers NightFX
  9. Brought mine from UpgradeMonkey (eBay), works fine and at 100% using standard clocks and driver 347.52 upgrademonkey1 | eBay Each to their own.. cheers
  10. Yes I agree with you Toopy. I got the GTX980M working at full speed on my P170EM using the 347.12 driver and got great benchmark scores on 3DMark. At this stage I'm happy that I haven't wasted my money, I will look at OC later when the BIOS is sorted out. Cheers
  11. Thanks jaybee83, At the moment I'm just happy that I got GTX980M working well.
  12. Hi InfectedSonic, Can you please explain what this change dose? Also is this done in DOS, or using CMD.exe?? thanks in advance. Cheers NightFX
  13. You can try this driver from www.laptopvideo2go.com, I found it worked "as is - stock". v347.12 Windows 8 64bit | NVIDIA Desktop/Mobile OEM - GeForce r346 series - LaptopVideo2Go Forums other Drivers will need a modified INF file. cheers
  14. Unless you buy 980M upgrade kit that has all the extra bits (heat sink, thermal pads and thermal paste), you will need some extra thermal pads (and paste); GTX980M. If you compare the highlighted area, you can see that the top section of components on the 980M is wider than the 680M. While the heatsink will cover this whole section, the existing thermal pads wont, extra pads will be needed. GTX980M installed in my P170EM using existing 680M brackets, screws and heatsink. Additional thermal pads needed and new thermal paste. I replaced all the old thermal pads with 11.0watt/mk rating Fujipoly/ModRight pads and Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound, and so far no heat issues. It would certainly be easier to get everything as a kit if the price is right. hope this helps. Cheers.
  15. Good luck with your new 980M. Depending on where you ordered your new 980M, you will also need to by a sheet of thermal pads (I brought 1mm and 0.5mm) to build up the required thicknesses. Also, check that the GTX675 heat sink fits the 980M correctly. The GTX680M did (same form factor and component layout), so hopefully yours will to.
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