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  1. Hello everyone. I finally did the mod on my Y510P yesterday. Bios was successful and everything seemed to work. The only thing I notice is the sound now crackles. It sounds like the speakers are blown. I downloaded the realtek drivers and tried that but no luck. I went ahead and re-flashed it back to 2.07 and problem is gone, so it is definitely a bios issue. Any ideas? Need help so I can remod this thing and get the new wireless AC working Thank you
  2. Just to let everyone know, I just upgraded my G551JM. No mod needed at all. I uninstalled the factory wireless N card, shut down the notebook, swapped wireless cards and when it booted back up it found the card and installed it successfully. Both wireless and Bluetooth are working properly and Wireless had up and down speeds in excess of 150mbs. Good luck to all that try. Now I am trying to figure out how to get my Lenovos done.
  3. Can someone guide me to some simple instructions on how to obtain and install a modded bios in my Lenovo Y510P so I can upgrade the wireless card
  4. Hello All. I am new to the forum and need help on upgrading my kids Y510P laptops. I just installed the intel ac7260 on my asus and I love it and didnt realize I would have such a hard time upgrading the Y510. Need help
  5. Hello All I am new to the Forum and interested in upgrading my Lenovo Y510P. I'm sure ill be posting lots of questions and I look forward to meeting you all.
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