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  1. I did attempt the Optimus guide. I failed to overcome the grub 2 boot prompt. I left a reply asking for help from Evo but there hasn't been any answer that. I didn't mention it because my setup doesnt even work with external display.
  2. Hi. I have the exact same setup but somehow it's only working on my Yosemite. I use the Palit GTX 970. I'm unable to get neither of the internal display nor the external display to work with the GTX 970 plugged in after installing the NVIDIA Driver. I installed the NVIDIA driver using my internal display (the external display receives no signal from the start). My eGPU was obviously detected when I install the driver. After installing the driver, both displays just boot to a black screen when I boot into Windows. Do you have any idea how to fix this? I have tried reinstalling Windows 5-6 times already. Thank you
  3. Sorry for being vague.So I'm using a Palit GTX 970, connected to the Akitio Thunder2 with a powered molex riser. I'm not using the Akitio PSU at all, only my 500W PSU. I believe my hardware setup is correct because it works perfectly on Mac OS X Yosemite. However it does not work for Windows 8.1. I followed the instructions and installed Windows 8.1 using Bootcamp. Updated everything. When I boot Windows with my eGPU plugged in, the internal display works but the external display receives no signal (before installing NVIDIA driver).Then I attempted to install the latest NVIDIA Driver for GTX 970 on my internal display with the eGPU plugged in. The NVIDIA Driver installer detects the GTX 970 and allows me to proceed with installing the driver. The driver was installed with no problems. But when I reboot into Windows, both the internal and external displays are black. Tried to boot many times with eGPU plugged in before the chime booting sound. Same results.Tried to plug in the eGPU when I hear the booting sound. Same results.Tried to plug in the eGPU at the boot disk selection. Same results.Everything works normal with eGPU off.I tried to reinstall Windows many times but the same issue prevails.
  4. Hi. I having problem with the Grub 2 boot prompt. If I understand correctly I am supposed to set the root partition to the EFI partition that we edited earlier(Which in my case is hd1,gpt1). However I am still unable to boot using Grub 2- still stuck with the boot prompt. When I probe (hd1,gpt1) with ls (hd1,gpt1) I can only see apple/ Grub/ Is there supposed to be Microsoft/ Thank you for your help
  5. OK it's not working on Windows 8.1 even with external display. But it works for Mac OS X xD. It just boots up to a black screen on the internal display and no signal on the external display.
  6. OK I woke up this morning and not only does it work for Windows, it's working on Yosemite too. I didn't manage to get it to work on Mac OS X last time. I just don't understand ...
  7. Sadly it's still the same. If I'm not wrong bootcamp doesn't support hotplug for TB Thank you anyway - - - Updated - - - I just tried the Akitio without its own power source today. Mac OS X detects it. But I'm not so sure about bootcamp.
  8. I just upgraded my HDD to SSD. Reinstalled everything. Now I'm having trouble with installing the NVIDIA driver. It keeps saying that it cannot find any compatible hardware. I'm only using 1 PSU. The Akitio's light turn blue when I boot up my Macbook but I'm not sure if the card is really connected or not. Akitio box is detected in Mac OS X. Not sure about Windows. PS: I downloaded the lastest driver v347.09
  9. Hi I managed to get my GTX 970 to work on Windows 8.1. However there's one issue: Windows crashes and restart whenever I boot up Battlefield 4. That was only on my internal screen. I'm able to test it on an ext display for now. And I also tried to get it to work on OSX 10.10.1. I was able to get the card detected in Yosemite but failed to get ext display to work. So basically it's not working on OSX. Any advice? Thank you
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